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1008GEOSTATS: The definition of Statistics.

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  • Dr. James G. Wendelberger
    Sep 30, 1998
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      In response to:

      ">>To answer Justin's question, I would say geostatistics is a subset of
      >>spatial statistics.  The latter consists of any
      models that explicitly
      >>recognize spatial location in their
      construction, a very broad definition
      >>that includes a lot of
      different types of models.

      >Thus, multi-regional mathematical
      programming models (clearly spatial)
      >would also be
      "statistical" in this definition. My view has always
      >been that
      spatial statistics was one area within the broader arena
      >of spatial
      analysis that covers both statistical and non-statistical
      >spatial models.
      Or are we working with a new, global definition of
      >"statistics?" " 
      All models have either an implicit or explicit error structure, where
      error is defined as the difference between the model prediction 
      and the "true" value.   Additionally, many data snooping methodologies 
      within the field of Statistics need to be applied to data supplied to
      a model.   Also, diagnostic checking, as defined within the field of 
      Statistics, is required for any model which uses data.  Thus all
      models which use data fall within the realm of the field of Statistics. 
      With this definition of "Statistics" the statement is true. 
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