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1Re: GEOSTATS: GIS + Spat.Stat. Book

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  • Thomas Blaschke
    Dec 27, 1996
      At 08:48 PM 12/26/96 GMT-400, you wrote:
      >I am looking for a good reference about "Geographic Information
      >Systems & Spatial Statistics".

      >What is the standard book for this kind of topic ?
      >In particular, I am looking for an overview about methods and
      >techniques for biological(birds) applications.

      Most GIS books do not deal with geostatistics. Nevertheless, some
      aspects are in the first and still very useful GIS textbook from Peter
      Borrough (1986), Principals of Geographical Information Systems for
      land resources assessment, Clarendon Press, Oxford.
      A kind of textbook but more a sampler of various chapters from
      introductory to sophisticated issues is:
      Steward Fotheringham and Peter Rogerson (eds.) (1994), Spatial analysis
      and GIS, Taylor and Francis, London.

      More specifically concerning bird applications:

      Brian Maurer (1994), Geographical Population Analysis: Tools for the
      Analysis of Biodiversity, Blackwell, Oxford.

      This as a starter, there is much more, cheers Thomas

      Dr. Thomas Blaschke
      Department of Geography
      Salzburg University
      Hellbrunner Str. 34
      A-5020 Salzburg, Austria
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