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7Re: [agroupforidiotsonly] toilet office

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  • craig bohannon
    Apr 30, 2006
      Hello Green Turtle,

           Cool to see your E-mail.  Pease keep feeding the nurse the pills I think they are helping her. Take care Great Turtle.

      luntytam <luntytam@...> wrote:
      a friend of mine posted the office on the loo photo
      every idiot's dream
      I just found my way back into the idiots website after 4 days
      but have arrived safe and sound.
      The nurse has just arrived and wants to take me back to my room.
      Medication time. But I don't really take them. I make cups of tea for
      the nurse. Good hiding place for the tablets... in the tea pot.
      She did a double shift yesterday and the only way out of here is to
      prove I'm not an idiot. Any suggestions gratefully accepted
      signed... Green turtle in a straight jacket.
      Text written with pen in mouth on keyboard
      lol   cya

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