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5Re: Hello from a fello Idiot

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  • Joel T. Bridges
    Apr 26, 2006
      Thank God good spelling isn't necessary to be an idiot.

      --- In agroupforidiotsonly@yahoogroups.com, "Craig Bohannon"
      <elvis380@...> wrote:
      > Membership is skyrocketing,WOW!!!! we went from 2 members
      > yesterday, to a fanominal # of 9. And that is why I wanted to to
      > bring up that that is enough for a baseball team. Does anyone know
      > we there are any good chat room leagues?
      > I also wanted to make some suggestions. Although the group has
      > no Mision, Purpose, Leader, Goverment, Goal,or an understanding,
      > we do have is a some links, pictures, files, Polls and other things
      > intrest going up. Anyone may plase any picture, link, ect.. that
      > wish. Also allowed is shameless promotion of other groups,
      > businesses, links, and really anything you want. Please also make
      > sure you take advantage of our polling abillity.
      > One thing i did notice about the group is the fact I know
      > who have signed up that I knew their name on paltalk and I dont know
      > thier name in this group. So just a suggestion but maybe we might
      > want to make a message to all giving your paltalk nick. This is
      > obvioulsy not a demand as there is no government, militia,
      > or any other such monstrocity to enforce anything. You have truly
      > joined a group of Idiots and i thank you for that.
      > Elvis380
      > AKA Craig
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