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3Hello from a fello Idiot

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  • Craig Bohannon
    Apr 26, 2006
      Membership is skyrocketing,WOW!!!! we went from 2 members
      yesterday, to a fanominal # of 9. And that is why I wanted to to
      bring up that that is enough for a baseball team. Does anyone know if
      we there are any good chat room leagues?
      I also wanted to make some suggestions. Although the group has
      no Mision, Purpose, Leader, Goverment, Goal,or an understanding, What
      we do have is a some links, pictures, files, Polls and other things of
      intrest going up. Anyone may plase any picture, link, ect.. that they
      wish. Also allowed is shameless promotion of other groups,
      businesses, links, and really anything you want. Please also make
      sure you take advantage of our polling abillity.
      One thing i did notice about the group is the fact I know people
      who have signed up that I knew their name on paltalk and I dont know
      thier name in this group. So just a suggestion but maybe we might
      want to make a message to all giving your paltalk nick. This is
      obvioulsy not a demand as there is no government, militia, committee,
      or any other such monstrocity to enforce anything. You have truly
      joined a group of Idiots and i thank you for that.

      AKA Craig
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