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CFP: EuroSPI 2006

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  • Scott W. Ambler
    This is a very good conference, and I would really like to see some good agile papers submitted. - Scott ================================================
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8, 2006
      This is a very good conference, and I would really like to see some
      good agile papers submitted.

      - Scott
      European Systems and Software Process Improvement and
      Innovation Conference 2006

      Theme 2006: How to become more successful with SPI -
      New research, methods and experiences


      11.-13.10.2006, Joensuu, Finland

      * Call for Research Papers *
      * Call for Industry Papers *
      * Call for Tutorials *

      The research papers will be published in the Springer Lecture Notes
      in Computer Science (LNCS) series.

      Eignteen selected industry experience paper will be published in
      the Wiley SPIP Journal.

      1. What is EuroSPI ?
      2. Topics
      3. Key Notes
      4. EuroSPI 2006 Location
      5. Contact Details

      1. What is EuroSPI ?

      EuroSPI stands for European Systems and Software Process Improvement
      and Innovation.

      EuroSPI\'s mission is to develop an experience and knowledge exchange
      platform for Europe where SPI practices can be discussed and exchanged
      and knowledge can be gathered and shared. This mission is implemented
      by three major action lines:

      1. An annual EuroSPI conference supported by Software Process
      Improvement Networks from different EU countries.
      2. Establishing an Internet based knowledge library, newsletters,
      and a set of proceedings and recommended books.
      3. Establishing an effective team of national representatives
      (in future from each EU country) growing step by step into more
      countries of Europe.

      Annual conferences were held 1994 in Dublin (Ireland), 1995 in
      Vienna (Austria), 1996 in Brighton (UK), 1997 in Budapest (Hungary),
      1998 in Gothenburg (Sweden), 1999 in Pori (Finland), 2000 in
      Copenhagen (Denmark), 2001 in Limerick (Ireland), 2002 in Nuremberg
      (Germany), 2003 in Graz (Austria), and 2004 in Trondheim (Norway),
      2005 in Budapest (Hungary), and 2006 in Joensuu (Finland).
      An experience library has been set up since 1998 to which annually
      further peer reviewed experience reports and papers are added.

      Since 2005 an EU funded strategic initiative has been startedto create
      an accreditation and certification network for IT & Services
      professions in the EU around EuroSPI.
      The kick off meeting of the new EQN (European Quality Network) initiative
      took place in Budapest, 7-8.11.2005. ISCN acts as the coordinator of the
      initiative, the Applied Research University of Krems acts as the prime
      and the project involves 11 countries and 17 partners.
      In the educational strategies of the EU (Leonardo da Vinci Programme) it
      is planned to create sector specific certification units .
      EQN establishes an EU certification association for IT & Services
      A first pool of accredited professions will be published in mid 2006.
      The project is supported by the EU Leonardo da Vinci Programme.

      2. Topics

      Assessment and Process Models:
      * ISO 15504, ITIL, IEC 61508, IEC 15288, etc.
      Improvement Planning Methods
      Improvement Experiences - Lessons Learned
      Improvement Based Knowledge Systems
      Learning Organizations
      SPI and Measurement
      Implementation of SPI in Engineering:
      * Requirements Management
      * Testing
      * Design
      Implementation of SPI in Management:
      * Project Management
      * Integrated and Distributed Projects
      * Innovation Management

      Cultural Factors Influencing Collaboration
      New Development Paradigms
      * Model Driven Design
      * Model Driven Test
      * Agile Development
      * Development Strategies - Evolutionary
      * Outsourcing / Offshoring and Social Balancing / Issues

      3. Key Notes:

      Pekka Abrahamsson, VTT, Finland / Business Field
      Business Field: Mobile Technology Systems Research

      The concrete business impact of agile solutions -
      3 times faster and 50 times better !


      <automotive manager to be confirmed>
      Business Field: Automotive Systems

      Experience with the use of performance driven defined
      processes in automotive systems development

      4. EuroSPI 2006 Location:

      The University of Joensuu, the host of EuroSPI2006

      The conference takes place at the University of Joensuu,
      acting as the host of EuroSPI2006. Joensuu has also always
      been a busy educational centre of eastern Finland; the
      University of Joensuu has over 7200 students in faculties
      of education, humanities, natural sciences, social
      sciences, forestry and theology.


      Look at video about Joensuu region

      5. EuroSPI Organisers

      The EuroSPI initiave is financed and coordinated by a
      group of leading applied research companies and quality networks.
      Since 1998 the following board members have been important
      drivers for the initiative:

      American Society for Quality Software Division, http://www.asq.org
      German SW Quality Association ASQF , http://www.asqf.de
      DELTA, Denmark, http://www.delta.dk
      ISCN, Ireland and Austria, http://www.iscn.com
      SINTEF, Norway, http://www.sintef.no
      STTF and FiSMA (Finish Software Measurement Association),

      EuroSPI 2006 Local Chair Prof. Markku Tukiainen,
      University of Joensuu, Finland

      EuroSPI 2006 Scientific Chairs:

      Scientific Programme Committee Chair Ita Richardsson
      University of Limerick, Ireland

      Scientific Programme Committee Chair Prof. Per Runeson
      University of Lund, Sweden

      EuroSPI Contact:

      General Chair Dr Richard Messnarz, ISCN

      If you have any questions, you may contact our
      international conference manager:
      Organising Chair Adrienne Clarke BA, ISCN

      Scott W. Ambler
      Senior Consultant, Ambysoft Inc.

      www.agiledata.org -:- www.agilemodeling.com -:- www.ambysoft.com
      -:- www.databaserefactoring.com -:- www.enterpriseunifiedprocess.com
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