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ANN: Jolt Nominations are now open!

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  • Scott W. Ambler
    Just forwarding this announcement. Commercial and open source products are both welcome, so if you know of a good tool please pass this announcement to the
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 8, 2005
      Just forwarding this announcement. Commercial and open source
      products are both welcome, so if you know of a good tool please pass
      this announcement to the company or project team responsible for it.

      - Scott


      Nominations for the 16th Annual Software Development Jolt Product Excellence
      Awards are now open. We're looking for products and books that have made a
      difference to developers in 2005--products that have jolted the industry. Will
      your product join the field this year? The deadline for nominations is December
      1, 2005. Nominate your product now at:

      Categories this year include:

      The Software Development Jolt Product Excellence Awards Category Descriptions

      1. Books: Practical/General Developer Interest: Computer history, best
      practices, project management, developer or team efficiency, and socioeconomic,
      regulatory or career issues relating to software.
      2. Books: Technical: Specific languages, technologies, platforms, hardware,
      operating systems, coding styles, modeling, architecture, source-code
      optimization and code-level security.
      3. Enterprise Project Management Tools: Tools for enterprise application
      integration (EAI), customer relationship management (CRM), business-process
      orchestration or integration, middleware and database applications that
      streamline business processes and improve integration.
      4. Database Engines and Data Tools: Tools that help facilitate, maintain and
      manage the storage and retrieval of data and objects, including
      search tools for
      both desktop and enterprise.
      5. Defect Tracking, Change and Configuration Management Tools: Tools that
      track and manage software defects and enhancement requests as well as version
      control and change or configuration management.
      6. Design Tools and Modeling: Tools for requirements gathering, modeling,
      automatic code generation from models, and GUI or prototype design.
      7. Development Environments: Innovative programming languages, source code
      editors and integrated development environments (IDEs).
      8. Libraries, Frameworks and Components: Libraries of methods for enhancing
      security, transactions, graphical user interfaces and database connectivity;
      also stand-alone components, component libraries or services and COTS.
      Frameworks and components are systems that allow for the modification and
      extensions to build your application,
      9. Mobile Development Tools: Application tools for mobile handheld
      development, including IDEs, network management and roll-out.
      10. Quality and Project Management Tools: Planning, analysis and scheduling
      tools that aid in estimating costs, program size and development effort, and
      managing risks and budgets. Also tools for tracking productivity metrics,
      recommending software development processes or best practices, and guiding
      technology selection.
      11. Security Tools: Tools for authentication and encryption, firewalls,
      network monitoring, system enhancements, system monitoring and spam.
      12. Testing Tools: Tools for test scripting, automation, tracking and
      documentation; quality assurance planning; test-case design; white- and
      black-box testing.
      13. Utilities: Code optimizers and coding standards tools, build tools,
      platform and device emulators, code obfuscators, messaging solutions,
      help-authoring tools, product-demonstration tools and
      reverse-engineering tools.
      14. Web Development Tools: Tools for developing and deploying Web-based
      applications, including application servers and infrastructure to help Web
      applications interact dynamically with other Web applications, and tools using
      open standards such as XML, SOAP and HTML.

      Rosalyn Lum
      Technical Editor
      Software Development Magazine
      CMP Media
      600 Harrison St., 6th Floor
      San Francisco, CA 94107

      Scott W. Ambler
      Senior Consultant, Ambysoft Inc.

      www.agiledata.org -:- www.agilemodeling.com -:- www.ambysoft.com
      -:- www.databaserefactoring.com -:- www.enterpriseunifiedprocess.com
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