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RE: Data Governance Survey

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  • Garris, Nicole
    Its interesting that the survey doesn t delve into what skills are in short supply. To Question 5, What factors contribute to the delay or abandonment of
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      Its interesting that the survey doesn't delve into what skills are in
      short supply. To Question 5, "What factors contribute to the delay or
      abandonment of your data integration, master data management or data
      lineage projects", 43% answered "Personnel with necessary skills were

      The most common answer (27%) to Question 2, "What are the major problems
      organizations must overcome to implement data governance policies and
      procedures", is "Determining the rules and requirements/Interpreting and
      understanding the rules". Based on my personal experience, I took this
      to mean understanding the semantics and business rules surrounding
      corporate data. I then related this to Question 5 as as example of the
      skills that were lacking, although its actually knowledge more than
      skills. It would be interesting to go back to the 130 executives and
      find out!


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      A few thoughts:

      3. The lack of skills issue isn't surprising. In some
      of my own surveys, see
      http://www.ambysoft.com/surveys/ <http://www.ambysoft.com/surveys/> ,
      I've found that
      many data professionals aren't doing fundamental
      activities required for modern development. I didn't
      directly ask about skills, but it seems to me that if
      they're not doing the activities then there's likely a
      very good chance that they don't have the skills (and
      maybe it's a causal relationship in the other
      - Scott

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