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RE: [SPAM] - [agile-usability] Case studies? - Email found in subject

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  • Baker, Lisa
    I ve worked with UCD experts as part of a rather standard human factors/user experience team in a traditional development environment. Currently I am an
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2004

      I’ve worked with UCD experts as part of a rather standard human factors/user experience team in a traditional development environment. Currently I am an interaction designer/human factors person now working in an XP process. My HF partner and I work in all parts of the process. We do contextual inquiry/ethnographic research, persona creation, interaction design and prototyping. Today I’m running through the actual product UI right now with a testing hat. I fix UI bugs as needed and write UI text and help tips. We report through development, but we do seem to change hats regularly as far as being in the customer role, dev role, or test role.

      • We do research and user visits with product marketing (the official ‘customer’ owner here)
      • We digest and map results, create personas, educate the dev team on the findings, introduce them to the persona and champion the persona in meetings. We coordinate key project goals with product marketing. Ethnographic research has certainly influenced project goals as do business decisions.
      • Especially for new or key areas, we do prototypes (either images/paper or in HTML for Web-based products). Prototypes are delivered for implementation in specific iterations. We try to have designs delivered an iteration ahead, but that’s really tough with our staffing, and I often don’t have time to iterate the prototypes much based on customer/user feedback. We are not staffed to create or touch every piece of UI. We have to prioritize high traffic or ‘big bang’ areas.
      • We watch real users installing and using the product. Our testers also run certain tests that require them to assume a persona’s role and walk through the task as a persona would to ensure the pieces all fit together. I also run through the product UI with user tasks in mind and log bugs accordingly when things don’t work as prototyped or if we find the final product UI has a hole in it.


      We’re continually working to improve things here, of course. Nothing is perfect. In a more perfect world I’d have the big picture put together before the dev team launched and would iterate specific interactions based on customer feedback before the dev team put it in code. But I’ve never seen a perfect world.


      Lisa Baker


      Lisa Baker

      Interaction Design Lead

      LANDesk Software, Inc.




      "Simplifying our customers' work"





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      Subject: [SPAM] - [agile-usability] Case studies? - Email found in subject


      > > In an ideal world, how would a usability person
      > > help to implement a
      > > customer role? 

      [Ron wrote:]
      > I've not worked with a team using UCD experts. Jeff
      > Patton and others have,
      > and they know more about that than I would.

      I have the opposite problem from Ron: I've never
      worked with an Agile development team. In fact, I
      would be interested to hear a roll-call of folks who
      have done projects that combined both approaches.
      (Does this group have poll-taking capabilities, Jeff?)

      I'd love to hear some more specifics.

      Also, if anyone is out there on the list is looking to
      do some team building, we could do worse as a group
      than to recruit members from this list.  It would be
      good to develop some case-studies. (I say this not as
      a pitch for business... I'm not available until the
      spring anyway ;-)


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