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CFP: User Experience Stage @ Agile 2012

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  • Adrian Howard
    == INTERESTED IN DEFINING THE FUTURE OF UX? == We invite you to submit sessions to the User Experience Stage of the Agile 2012 conference (Dallas, Texas, Aug
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2011

      We invite you to submit sessions to the User Experience Stage of the Agile 2012 conference (Dallas, Texas, Aug 13-17 2012). The 2012 conference theme is "advancing the state of the art".

      User Experience practices have always helped agile teams discover, build and deliver the right product: putting the customer at the heart of every decision. The User Experience Stage at Agile 2012 is for anybody passionate about building products that truly delight their customers.

      We are especially keen to demonstrate some of the ways Agile and User Experience practices are being combined in the Lean Startup and Lean UX communities: driving the iterative discovery and development of new products in new and exciting ways.

      Questions this stage will attempt to answer:

      * What is the future role of UX?
      * How do you discover what users really want?
      * How can you better iterative to discover new product ideas?
      * How can generative user research be integrated with agile projects?
      * How can an agile team sustain a long-term product vision?
      * How do UX practices help agile teams build better products?
      * How do you put practical UX skills into the hands of the whole team?
      * How do you deal with the challenges of UX work on your agile team?
      * What are UX practitioners doing to enhance real world agile projects?

      The stage aims to bring together practical and theoretical sessions from the best practitioners in the field. We want to see and hear about ways UX is evolving and improving to create awesome customer experiences. Please submit a session if you feel you have something important to share. And please, don't hold back!


      To submit sessions and find out details of speaker compensation you should visit:


      NOTE: Please submit all UX related sessions to the User Experience Stage.

      To encourage early submissions there are two submission rounds:
      * January 15, 2012 - Early-bird submissions deadline
      * Febuary 19, 2012 - Final submissions deadline

      The earlier you submit, the more potential feedback you will get from our review team - helping you improve your proposal and making it much more likely to be accepted.


      Finally - don't hesitate to let us know what you also want to see on the User Experience stage. Is there a tutorial you would like to see or a subject you would like to hear discussed? Is there someone from the agile or user experience world you would like us to invite? If you have a topic or presenter in mind, please let us know.

      Thank you for your interest. We're looking forward to meeting you in Dallas next August.


      Adrian Howard (@adrianh) & Eewei Chen (@ultraman)

      PS Please forward this on to anyone you feel may want to submit, help out or attend Agile 2012 next year

      http://quietstars.com adrianh@... twitter.com/adrianh
      t. +44 (0)7752 419080 skype adrianjohnhoward del.icio.us/adrianh
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