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A New Way to Analyze Qualitative Data

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  • Todd Zaki Warfel
    Like most of us here, I ve spent way too much time merging, hacking, and trying to analyze this stuff in spreadsheets and with post-its. You can call it
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2011
      Like most of us here, I've spent way too much time merging, hacking, and trying to analyze this stuff in spreadsheets and with post-its. You can call it qualitative data, market research, design research—point is, it's a bunch of unstructured notes, filled with rich information that's a pain to collect and analyze. I looked for years for a better way. I'd even built a crazy system that took my notes from Excel, imported them into an InDesign template that printed to a precut post-it sheet and handed it to team members to sort on our walls. Yeah, I did that. I know, super sophisticated. 

      So, about a year-and-a-half ago, I embarked on a project to fix this. I teamed up with a long time friend and extremely talented application engineer to create an app that would give me a way to take a more quantitative way to analyze qualitative data. I was told that was impossible. I like those kids of odds ;).

      Last week, we launched our app and we call it Reframer, the collaborative, realtime, team driven decision app. We're still in our early stages and have a lot of plans for this thing (big plans). We were hoping to offer 30 day free trials when we launched, but couldn't convince our credit card processing partner to do it. I don't give up very easily and I'm happy to announce that we are now offering 30 day free trials on all team based paid plans. 

      I'd love to see this community benefit from this app. We've seen it really improve the way we conduct research. Since we've made analysis easier, we're finding we're collecting twice as much data—collecting everything rather than cherry picking up front. We've also found that we're we're able to conduct our analysis 8-10x faster than before with a higher degree of confidence in our findings. Instead of taking days, we're down to knowing what's going on in a couple of hours. 

      Instead of you having to hunt, peck, and guess at what's going on in your data, we actually surface relationships in your data, but better than that, we actually show you how strong those relationships are. And what's really killer, we actually prioritize your data based on value and feasibility. No more making stuff up, having to shout louder than the next guy, or folding to the guy who gets paid more than you when your team is deciding what to build. We help you connect the dots between things that are significant to the customer, valuable to the business, and are technically feasible. 

      We hope you guys find it as valuable as we have and the people who are already using it.

      To see a demo of the app, head on over to http://getreframer.com/ and click the Watch a demo link in the middle of the home page. There's also a nice overview of the app w/lots of screen shots and highlights. You can even sign up for a 30 day free trial there. We do require a credit card for the 30 day trial, but we don't bill anything to the card. And you won't get charged unless you love what you see and want to keep your account going after the 30 day trial.

      Oh, one more thing. If you refer a friend, you'll get a month free. Just have them use any of the contact us links on the site to forward your name after they register.



      Todd Zaki Warfel

      +1 267 702 6170
      Skype: zakiwarfel

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