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A new way to collect and analyze qualitative research [Product Announcement]

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  • Todd Zaki Warfel
    If you do any type of qualitative research, you re going to want to check out this app. We do quite a bit of qualitative research as part of our design
    Message 1 of 2 , Oct 7, 2011
      If you do any type of qualitative research, you're going to want to check out this app.

      We do quite a bit of qualitative research as part of our design process. Much like the rest of you, we've used a combination of spreadsheets, word docs, post-its and scrap books to collect our notes. I've never really enjoyed analyzing 2000 lines of qualitative data in a spreadsheet, or on post-its. At best, you get a few people in a room to subjectively recall what stood out and loosely identify some themes. At worst, decisions are made by whoever has the longest title on their business card, highest pay, or shouts the loudest. 

      For years, I've been wanting a better way to collect, analyze and prioritize the qualitative data we collected. I got tired of waiting and partnered with an old friend to build something. Something for myself, my team and our field. 

      In the coming weeks, we're going to be launching an app built specifically for collecting and analyzing qualitative data. It's designed for real-time collaboration, sharing information, and making team-driven decisions. It's the first analytics platform for qualitative data that gives you a way to quantify your decisions based on value and feasibility. 

      We've been using it for over a year internally and it's been a life changer. We've cut our analysis time by a factor of 8-10 and in the process increased our confidence level in our findings from 70% to 90-95%. We've even been able to track full circle from initial observation through design. We've been able to make data-guided design decisions based on the overall customer/business value and technical feasibility. 

      We've still got a few spots open in our beta program. You can sign up to find out when we launch at http://getreframer.com

      PS. We won't share your email address with anyone—we'll only use it to let you know when we publicly launch. 


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