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Shameless Plug: User-Centered Agile Methods

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  • hughrbeyer
    I just realized I ve never mentioned this here, but it s very relevant to this community, so perhaps you ll forgive the self-promotion. I recently wrote a
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2011
      I just realized I've never mentioned this here, but it's very relevant to this community, so perhaps you'll forgive the self-promotion.

      I recently wrote a monograph (or "lecture", as they call it) for the Synthesis Lectures on Human-Centered Informatics published by Morgan & Claypool, John Carroll being the editor. A brief description:
      UX designers have found Agile methods to be a mixed blessing. On the one hand Agile methods define a role for the customer voice on the team—so they have a natural user focus built in. But the new methods disrupt existing relationships and ways of working, they introduce a new culture (which takes some getting used to), and their idea of user involvement isn't exactly what user-centered design people expect.

      In this monograph, I bring together our latest thinking for how Agile development and user-centered design should be combined. I discuss the key elements of Agile for the UX community and describe strategies UX people can use to contribute effectively in an Agile team, overcome key weaknesses in Agile methods as typically implemented, and produce a more robust process and more successful designs. I talk a lot about Agile as it's really showing up in organizations, as opposed to how it's defined ideally, and suggest ways UX designers can cope.

      The lecture is available for online purchase; and also at Amazon.

      Hugh R. Beyer, CTO
      InContext Design 
      Ph: 603 966-7188
      Email: beyer@...

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