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Re: [agile-usability] CFP for Agile 2010 User Experience stage!

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  • Abby Fichtner
    Glad to see the submission deadline was extended to Feb 26th. I d really like to see more about how to incorporate UX into agile processes. Is the UI really
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 14, 2010
      Glad to see the submission deadline was extended to Feb 26th.

      I'd really like to see more about how to incorporate UX into agile processes.  Is the UI really built iteratively, only looking at the current sprint's stories (I'm not sure how that would result in a coherent/good user experience?) or does UX come in ahead of everyone else to to design the UI ahead of time (but then, are we still agile if we already have done a big up front design?). 

      And what about user research - is the whole team involved? or is there a hand-off of results to the rest of the team?

      I know Jeff Patton has a lot of good ideas on this, so hoping to learn more about that from him as well as others with ideas on how to tackle it.


      abby fichtner,

      On Sat, Feb 13, 2010 at 3:26 PM, Adrian Howard <adrianh@...> wrote:

      Hi folks,

      You have a little under two weeks left to submit sessions to Agile 2010... and I'm hoping I can encourage some of you to submit something for the User Experience stage!

      This is the stage for agile teams members passionate about creating products with a great user experience. Our goals are to

      * Put practical user experience skills into the hands of the people who need them - whatever their role
      * Communicate that user experience is a rich, deep discipline that can help agile teams build better products

      The User Experience stage has 11 session slots this year and we're relying on you to fill them with some great sessions. Help us promote a shared vision of user experience in agile teams by submitting:

      * Experience reports of user experience practice in agile projects - whether a great success or a dismal failure we want attendees to learn from your experiences

      * Demonstrations of user experience practices and techniques - show attendees how user experience methods can help agile teams build more successful products

      * Tutorials on user experience practices for agile teams - help attendees acquire the practical skills and knowledge they need to improve the user experience of their products.

      * Talks, workshops & panels - promote the effective application of user experience skills and practices in agile teams

      We want the stage to engage and inform. Something out of the ordinary where the audience can challenge their preconceptions in an entertaining way and learn something new. If you have an idea, even if you think it might a bit _too_ out of the ordinary, please submit it for consideration.

      Let us know what _you_ want to see in the User Experience stage. Is there a tutorial you would like to see or a subject you would like to hear discussed? Is there someone from the agile or user experience world you would like us to invite? If you have a topic or presenter in mind, please let us know.

      Submissions aimed at the User Experience stage should be submitted to the Technical theme. Adding a "ux" tag to your submission will help us find your proposal more easily.

      You can submit sessions and find out details of speaker compensation at http://agile2010.agilealliance.org/speaker.html

      The submission system closes Feb 26th, 2010.

      If you have any questions please just contact us.

      Thank you for your interest. We're looking forward to meeting you in Nashville this August.


      Adrian Howard & Darci Dutcher

      PS If you know of a person who group who might be interested in submitting something - please pass this message along or point them towards http://agile2010.agilealliance.org/users

      http://quietstars.com adrianh@... twitter.com/adrianh
      t. +44 (0)7752 419080 skype adrianjohnhoward del.icio.us/adrianh

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