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Quilted Design Collective Seeks a Full-Time Worker-Owner

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    Hi folks, I hope this is appropriate to the list. I ve been lurking for a long time and have much appreciated all the incredible conversation on this list,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 19, 2010
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      Hi folks,

      I hope this is appropriate to the list. I've been lurking for a long time and have much appreciated all the incredible conversation on this list, it's really excellent. I've been incorporating much of what I'm hearing into my own practices, and working hard as both a UX designer and a project manager to integrate agile practices into my work.

      Quilted is growing, and we're excited to add another full-time Worker-Owner to the mix.

      Please feel free to forward this message to anybody who you think might be a good fit.

      Much love,



      What: Full-time Worker-Owner
      When: Available immediately
      Where: Berkeley or Boston
      Who: Women, people of color, and LGBTQQ people are strongly encouraged to apply.
      How: Please send your resume to talk@...

      *Job roles we seek*

      We seek to add one person in one of the following roles:
      * Project Manager with experience managing both small and large(ish) software and/or design project teams
      * Developer with experience with and/or interest in Drupal, WordPress, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript/jQuery, Perl, and PHP
      * Designer with confidence designing for the web, knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, and a passion for collaboration

      *About Quilted*

      Quilted is a four-person worker-owned and cooperatively managed web design, web development, and print design company. We promote workplace democracy and little-d democratic ideals through designing and developing websites, print publications, and graphic identities for like-minded social-change organizations. We strive to contextualize our work within larger movements for social justice and to work collaboratively with our clients and colleagues.

      Most of our projects these days are websites built with the Drupal content management framework, but we also work with other content management systems and custom PHP and Rails-based web applications. Our core competencies are design, Drupal theme development, HTML/CSS, and strategic web consulting. Our work has been growing steadily over the past three years, and we're looking for a new potential worker-owner to join our team. We're committed to slow, strategic growth with the interests of members in mind.

      Two of us work in an office in Berkeley, California, and the other full-timer and our part-timer from an office in Boston, Massachusetts. We value working in person as much as possible. We're not a "virtual" firm; the eventual plan is for all members to work at the same location (probably the SF Bay area). We're enthusiastic about the worker-cooperative model for business, and we embody it as much as possible. All members have the same pay rate, share equitably in any profit at the end of the year, and receive identical raises as we grow. We operate entirely on the basis of consensus, with all members having equal input into decisions, and all expected to contribute actively and creatively to building the company. We all get along really well and we take the time to care for one another.

      For more information about our collective see http://quilted.coop

      *Who we're looking for*

      We'd like to expand our capacity by adding a member with progressive values who specifically wants to work with like-minded clients.

      We'd very be excited if you have some background in another area of work that we do (or could expand into) -- design, programming, project management, technical writing, content production, strategic consulting, financial planning etc. (We all wear many hats in a small worker-managed organization.)

      In addition to the organizational skills and a base level of technical knowledge needed for daily client and internal work, working at Quilted takes good collaboration skills and a willingness to fully participate in the daily democratic management and operation of the company.

      You're an ideal candidate if you...

      * Are passionate about working in a democratic environment
      * Have the ability and willingness to work in a team
      * Have experience with and are fully comfortable communicating directly with clients
      * Have a good sense of design and usability
      * Are willing to engage honestly with other worker-owners
      * Are willing to commute to or relocate to the East Bay or Boston
      * Have a strong sense of your own politics and want to bring your worldview into your work
      * Deal with conflict well, can articulate your point of view, and be direct about disagreements
      * Complement the personalities and working styles of existing worker-owners
      * Are interested in continuing to build a cooperative, democratic institution that embodies progressive values in everything we do
      * Think you would really like to settle into a stable, long-term and committed engagement

      *Compensation and Benefits*

      Quilted offers an equal wage for all worker-owners (currently $25/hr), thus your yearly pay varies with how much you work. In addition to wages, you will receive a share of profit at the end of the year as well as a benefits package that includes a Blue Shield health insurance plan and stipends for equipment.

      For more information, please see http://quilted.coop/hiring
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