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ANN: Becoming a Passionate Product Owner - Scrum PO Training

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  • Jeff Patton
    [Yes, my recent flurry of messages was driven by my guilt for not participating, and for wanting your attention to self-promote.] All, I m offering two
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 25, 2009
      [Yes, my recent flurry of messages was driven by my guilt for not participating, and for wanting your attention to self-promote.]


      I'm offering two back-to-back Scrum Certified Product Owner courses during August. You can find more here: http://www.agileproductdesign.com/training/passionate_product_owner.html

      My goal with these courses is to focus on building mental models and skills necessary for those working as product owners to be really good at what they're doing. Of course, like all trainers, this course carries my biases about what mental models and skills are most important. And for me those mental models and skills are rooted in design thinking and design practice.

      For designers on this list, you won't learn to design - but to better facilitate design - to break down planning and design work in a way that works in an agile context.

      For non-designers on the list, you'll learn the design thinking that will help you work more effectively with customers and users. You'll learn to abandon statements like "those users never know what they want" and replace them with some useful practice that helps you understand them and work effectively with them to get to what they need.

      The first class is likely to be a bit rough - and is priced accordingly. ;-) I really want this CSPO course to be different than anything you could find out there. And, it'll take a bit of iteration to make it good.

      And finally, a bit of a side note: After long internal debate, I've joined the ranks of Certified Scrum Trainers. I had the internal debate because I've wanted to stay process agnostic. I believe we fashion process in order to build truly good products. But, Scrum as a process framework, has a pretty light touch and when done right, drives it's participants to actively change the process in response to the quality of product that's emerging. Scrum has grown to be the dominant of agile process. And joining now as a trainer I hope will allow me to bring strong design and product management thinking into the Scrum community.

      Please visit the writeup on the course, and I'd love your feedback: http://www.agileproductdesign.com/training/passionate_product_owner.html


      Jeff Patton
      blog: www.agileproductdesign.com/blog
      Passionate Product Owner Training: http://www.agileproductdesign.com/training/passionate_product_owner.html
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