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Games Exchange - June 26 (San Francisco)

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  • Nancy Frishberg
    (Apologies for multiple postings in various groups you may be reading. We want to get this notice out widely!) On June 26, we re holding an unconference about
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 9, 2009
      (Apologies for multiple postings in various groups you may be
      reading. We want to get this notice out widely!)

      On June 26, we're holding an unconference about Games - Innovation
      Games®, design games, and serious games: http://www.enthiosys.com/news-events/idsge

      This one day event focuses on the use of playful techniques for
      gathering customer (and user) requirements, as part of the design
      research process, and for other serious purposes, such as citizen
      participation in democracy and social movements. Games are also a
      terrific method in team building within an organization and for
      professional development within a particular occupational group.

      I was introduced to Innovation Games a couple years ago Of course,
      I'd been using techniques like these for many years - but mostly
      within a team rather than with customers and users. Meeting Luke
      Hohmann (of Enthiosys, and author of a book about the set of a dozen
      games) opened my eyes to new possibilities for adapting methods to the
      user experience and user research tasks. And the more I tell people
      about these methods, the more I realize how aligned they are with
      other participatory design activities.

      You're probably familiar with the "unconference" format: we prepare a
      schedule in advance (number of parallel meeting spaces and time
      assignments), but leave the setting of topics in slots to the start of
      the event, when people introduce themselves and declare their
      questions and expertise. Everyone has the opportunity to lead a
      session whether by presenting or facilitating a discussion on a
      question they're interested in. Often we find synergies in unexpected
      places, so that two people who didn't know each other before might
      combine their topics into a single session. All very fun and
      energizing. We're committed to good documentation of what goes on,
      and hope this will be the first of many such meetings, locally and in
      other places as well.

      We're keeping costs low by splitting the expenses, roughly half from
      sponsors and half from participant fees. Sponsorships start at a
      nominal $500.

      Advance registration is required. We won't be able to accommodate

      Please share this announcement with others who may be interested.
      We're looking into hotels for folks from out of town.

      -- Nancy

      Nancy Frishberg +1 650 804 5800 mobile
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