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RE: [agile-usability] Job description for an interaction designer

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  • Dave Cronin
    We just reworked our job descriptions since we re back in hiring mode. Here s how we put it (more info at
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 9, 2004
      We just reworked our job descriptions since we're back in hiring mode.

      Here's how we put it (more info at


      A Cooper interaction designer is responsible for leading the definition
      of product form and behavior. In collaboration with their design
      communicator partners, our interaction designers conduct stakeholder and
      user interviews; define personas, scenarios, and requirements; develop
      and present interaction frameworks; and see the design all the way
      through to detailed pixel specifications. Interaction designers also
      collaborate with visual designers and industrial designers, when

      What does it take to be a Cooper interaction designer?

      Cooper designers are insatiably curious about how other people work,
      live, and think. They enjoy meeting potential users of a product, and
      they think about design by visualizing themselves as the people who will
      use it.

      Our designers need the ability to brainstorm potential solutions to a
      problem. More importantly, Cooper designers can take those ideas, screen
      out the bad ones, and focus on the good ones. In Cooper's collaborative
      environment, a designer needs the ability to brainstorm on her feet,
      without ego attachment to any particular idea.

      Strong visualization skills
      Cooper designers have to work at multiple levels of a design problem,
      from high-level concept to nitty-gritty interaction details. A Cooper
      designer is the kind of person who sees a blank whiteboard and itches to
      fill it with ideas.

      Superb communication skills
      A Cooper designer needs to demonstrate grace under pressure. We don't
      have studio-only designers; Cooper designers work directly with our
      clients to create solutions and lasting relationships. As consultants,
      we present complex concepts with ease, and we're always prepared to
      answer the hard questions.
      Back at the studio, a Cooper designer needs the ability to convey design
      solutions through sketches. We have Visual Designers on staff who
      specialize in making everything look great, but you must have a firm
      grasp of basic visual design principles and practices. Our designers
      must be comfortable with common visual design tools like FireWorks,
      Photoshop and PowerPoint.

      A desire to design
      To put it plainly, Cooper Interaction Designers design. We don't have
      openings for human factors specialists, ergonomics engineers, usability
      testers, programmers, graphic artists, animators, or model fabricators.
      We're looking exclusively for permanent staff to work full-time at our
      San Francisco office. We are building our company to last, so we are
      looking for people who will last.

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      > This is a question that I think will help some latecomers to
      > this field, like myself, understand what the more experienced
      > folks here value in an interaction designer.
      > If you were to advertise a vacancy for an interaction
      > designer role to participate in an agile team, what would you
      > put in it? Include a description of the role and the
      > qualities you would value in applicants.
      > Thanks,
      > Brian.
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