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RE: [agile-usability] Weekly usability tests

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  • Stefan Wobben [Concept7]
    Hi William, We at Concept7 (www.concept7.nl) do usability testing on regular basis. Right now we are in the middle of redesiging the user experience of a
    Message 1 of 4 , Jul 28, 2008
      Hi William,

      We at Concept7 (www.concept7.nl) do usability testing on regular basis.
      Right now we are in the middle of redesiging the user experience of a health care insurers website.

      We started of with developing future scenario's using shell trilemma triangle model (http://www-static.shell.com/static/aboutshell/downloads/our_strategy/shell_global_scenarios/supp_glo_sc.pdf) and making persona's (we used eisenbergs 4 buying-modalities as basis). For each of the persona's we wrote userstories. How would the experience of this persona would be in 2011 for the two most likely scenario's. With these sketches we designed (pencil sketches) how their future websites in the both scenario's could look like. We also made a list with possible functionalities.

      This we validated with users. Using a method called 'buy-a-feature' (http://buyafeature.com/baf/). With this input we were able define a list of must-haves.
      No we are in the phase of paper prototyping, wireframing and visual design + xhtml. Every friday we recruit five participants. We schedule on hour per participants and fifteen minutes break between. We do typical user testing. User gets a task and thinks aloud (or if it's visual design we usually use Eye-cue bases retrospective protocol). Also the wireframes we eyetrack. Between the participants the usability makes notes of the most important things. After al participants have been testing the usability researcher has one our to make a presentation with the keyfindings. The last hour the whole development teams gathers (usability researchers, interaction designers, client, projectmanagers, visual designer) and discusses the findings and makes aan actionplan.

      Because we have a complete video of the usertest and audio we also have the opportunity too look into the session in more detail if needed.

      Because we can't always be sure whats works best in all situations we are also developing small variations in the design so that we could easily implement multivariate testing in the next phase.

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      Van: agile-usability@yahoogroups.com namens William Pietri
      Verzonden: ma 7/28/2008 8:01
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      Onderwerp: [agile-usability] Weekly usability tests

      Here's a nice article from Jakob Nielsen on using weekly usability
      tests, with a detailed example from a Tivo web site redesign:


      He mentions that not very many teams are doing this. I know some that
      have done it, like Tivo, in bursts around specific projects. Is here
      anybody doing this on an ongoing basis?

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