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Announcing Availability of iRise Studio 30-Day Free Trial on Download.com

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  • Tom Humbarger
    For those of you who have been wanting to take iRise for a test-drive, we have now simplified the process. We have come to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2008
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      For those of you who have been wanting to take iRisefor a test-drive, we have now simplified the process.  We have come to therealization that we have been creating too many barriers for individual usersto try iRise and our new download program addresses this issue.

      iRise Studio Professional Edition (PE) is an application definition and rapidprototyping solution used by business analysts, usability professionals,product managers and project managers to quickly create functionally richsimulations of business software. For the first time, business users can fullyexperience applications before they are coded, taking the guesswork out ofrequirements definition. iRise Studio PE can be used to createsimulations of new custom applications, portals, enhancements to existingsystems, and customizations of packaged software. iRise Studio PE isdesigned for semi-technical users and the simulations you create are sorealistic users will swear they are interacting with the final productionapplication.

      iRise Studio PE 30-Day Free Trial is available at Download.com

      You can also get iRise project examples or iRise iDocsfrom the Catalyze community and view iRise Product "QuickTake" videosfrom the iRise MediaCenter.

         Tom Humbarger
         Senior Manager, Strategic Projects at iRise



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