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Agile UX Designer and Developer Needed!

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  • kmccrystal
    Sorry for the spam-ish email, but Jeff Patton suggest I post our job listing here for a world-class UX designer. See below... Please contact me,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 11, 2008
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      Sorry for the spam-ish email, but Jeff Patton suggest I post our job
      listing here for a world-class UX designer. See below... Please
      contact me, kelly@..., if you're interested and fit the
      bill. And please feel free to forward.

      Kelly McCrystal,
      COO, SpectrumDNA Studios, Inc,
      Park City, UT

      SpectrumDNA Studios, Inc. is a studio/incubator/investor for
      next-generation consumer and business digital networked applications
      for the web and mobile wireless. The DNA stands for "Digital Networked
      Applications." These applications are often referred to as Web 2.0
      applications, web engines, networked engines or "enginets"-- networked
      applications delivered via networked media (like Web and wireless)
      that are designed to engage a target audience around a particular type
      of human behavior, like dating, creating, sharing of content, social
      networking, ecommerce, etc.

      We are a studio building multiple web/wireless enterprises. We've
      codified a methodology for conceiving, developing, launching,
      promoting and monetizing enginets. We've also implemented
      agile-adaptive management/programming techniques that allow us to
      quickly change our enginets, sometimes within weeks, to adapt to
      partner/customer demands, or market forces. We apply these
      methodologies and expertise to continuously build and maintain a
      strong portfolio.

      If you become our UX developer/designer, you will own the design of
      all our web engines, become an integral part of the development team
      and be compensated with a mix of cash and equity.

      We are a work-hard/play-hard group and believe that doing innovative
      work, making alot o' money and getting fresh tracks (winter) or
      finding great single-tracks (summer) are compatible. It's a great
      company, great opportunity and a great lifestyle... for the right


      We admit that PHP engineers aren't always the best people to create
      stunning user interfaces. That's why we want a specialist on our team.
      Can you combine elegant, efficient and attractive designs with the
      skills to realize them? Are you passionate about the user's
      experience? Are you committed to standards-based design?

      You'll be defining the user-experience-- the visual and interactive
      design for features on our existing products and up-coming projects.
      You'll work side-by-side with other members of the team to iterate
      quickly and bring designs to life. And you'll iterate... always iterate.

      We're looking for someone with excellent visual design sense as well
      as the coding chops to back it up. You must submit design samples
      (URLs, PDFs) with your resume.


      * Creatively direct the audience-touching aspects of our
      business-- form and function.
      * Design and define UI mockups.
      * Implement page designs in standards-compliant, dynamic HTML and CSS.
      * Work closely with PHP application developers.

      Required skills:

      * Proficiency with design tools, such as Photoshop, Illustrator,
      Flash, et al.
      * Extensive knowledge in hand-coding HTML, JavaScript & CSS
      * Experience using AJAX and various AJAX toolkits.
      * Excellent communication skills.
      * Experience with PHP web development preferred.
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