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Re: [agile-usability] Re: Encouraging Collaboration

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  • George Dinwiddie
    Brett, It seems that your instincts are on target. You can observe a lot more about what s going on than I can. I think you d be wise to move to the bullpen
    Message 1 of 5 , May 27, 2008
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      It seems that your instincts are on target. You can observe a lot more
      about what's going on than I can. I think you'd be wise to move to the
      bullpen and collaborate whenever and on whatever you think appropriate.
      The "formal" mechanismas of daily standups and estimation meetings are
      not supposed to be the only, or even principal, means of communicating.

      Think of yourself as part of the same team as the developers, just with
      a different mix of skills. Work together with them to produce great

      - George

      brett.christenson wrote:
      > William/George - Thanks for the input. Since we are still relatively
      > new to Scrum are still working on refining the process. At this time
      > we have 5 sprints (duration: 4 weeks) running at any time. We have
      > teams of 4 to 7 that work on various products. I am a member of the
      > usability team. We are a functional team that participates on all
      > sprints as well as marketing related tasks. Because of this we can get
      > spread a little thin.
      > We do daily stand ups, but I'm still not convinced the updates are as
      > accurate as they probably could be. (That may be another post for
      > another time.) All engineers sit in the "Bull Pen" wide open area of
      > desks surrounded by white boards. Just prior to writing this I had
      > started conversations about relocating to that area for just the
      > reasons you mentioned William.
      > We do estimation meetings but they seem so high level that very little
      > in the way of design is discussed. I have a suspicion that this is
      > because our stories are still too big. I have been able to get
      > environment set up so that I can get the latest and run build from my
      > PC so that has also been helpful.
      > We are still working on this process and we are trying to find what
      > works for us. We are getting better at the entire
      > process but I am focusing on collaboration at this time. I have
      > noticed that the teams that seem to be working the best are the ones
      > where design or engineering initiate quick reviews/conversations as
      > ideas or items arise.
      > What I am looking to resolve is when engineers are in a discovery or
      > prototyping phase rather than staying heads down and plowing though to
      > what they think is ready for review to just start initiating
      > conversations. I hope that if we have more white boarding
      > conversations as items are identified rather than wait for coded
      > prototype we would be more agile.

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