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[CFP reminder] WIF - Panel on Agile Web Design

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  • thomas lissajoux
    Hello, (with our apologies for any duplicates) We are looking for speakers for our panel on Agile Web Design. If you are interested in exchanging on
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      Hello, (with our apologies for any duplicates)

      We are looking for speakers for our panel on Agile Web Design.

      If you are interested in exchanging on collaborative and agile
      development, UCD and web design, and sharing your thoughts
      on the subject let us know before January 25.

      Thomas Lissajoux

      Call for Proposals
      WIF 2008 Panel : Agile Web Design
      17-19 April 2008, Limoges, France

      Submissions deadline: 25-Jan-08
      Notification date: 30-Jan-08

      Event website:

      WebDesign International Festival
      From April 17th 2008 to April 19th in Limoges, France, the WIF
      is both a competition and a conference.
      Learn more about the WIF :

      In the Competition, contending teams from all over the world
      will compete on one subject at the same time. Learn more about
      the Competition :

      There will also be a conference on webdesign, with 4 tracks :
      * Mobilities at the time of Web2.0,
      * Designing for the senses,
      * New uses : rich interfaces and augmented reality,
      * New design practices : professional communities and
      methodological tools.
      Learn more about the Conference :

      Panel on Agile Web Design
      With the growth of the web2.0, websites go beyond what standard
      technologies and organizations previously achieved. In an ever
      faster market, their capacity and flexibility is always
      increasing. New websites and webapps appear every day.

      Today, designing for the web is a continuous challenge.
      Designers must innovate and provide a great experience to
      demanding users.

      Just as the social web is based upon collective intelligence,
      agile web develoment and interaction design thrive on
      exploiting collaboration and engaging the user.

      Specialists in the fields of User Experience and Web
      Development will describe how they take advantage of
      collaboration. They will reflect on their experiences with new
      strategies, practices and techniques that are being used to
      allow for this fast-paced innovation. They will tell us about
      how webdesign is changing.

      Submitting a proposal
      If you are interested in participating to this panel, just
      reply to this mail and let us know ! Should you have any
      questions related to the WIF, the conference or the panel
      itself, I will be happy to answer you the best I can.

      You are invited to position yourself on 2 or 3 issues among
      which to choose from, so that the discussion can be articulated
      among the speakers.

      Submissions should be sent before Jan 26th and the final
      approval will be announced shortly on Jan 30th.

      In case we have too many speakers for the panel on Agile Web
      Design, submissions are also open for presentations on the 4
      tracks, so do not wait and submit your proposal now.

      Travel and Accomodation
      Selected speakers will be invited in Limoges for the WIF in
      April 2008. Your travelling costs, bookings, accommodation and
      meals will be catered for by the WIF organization.

      Air France will be the official carrier for the WIF and the
      hotel hosting the speakers will be the Mercure Limoges Royal
      Limousin. Have a look at the accomodation here :

      Where and when ?
      April 17-19 2008, Limoges, France

      As the facilitator of the panel, I am looking forward to your
      participation !

      Thomas Lissajoux

      Systèmes Agiles - Agile Coaching
      email// thomas at systemesagiles dot com
      web// www.SystemesAgiles.com
      tel// +33.675.607.671
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