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Catalyze--A New Member-driven Business Networking Community for UX Professionals

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  • Tom Humbarger
    I am the community manager for a new (and free) member-driven community called Catalzye (www.mycatalyze.org ), and I would like to
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 25, 2007
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      I am the community manager for a new (and free) member-driven community called Catalzye (www.mycatalyze.org), and I would like to invite to invite the members in this group to check it out.  Catalyze is meant to augment and complement the agile-usability group.

      Catalyze is a member-driven community for all professionals involved in defining business systems, designing software applications and creating websites.  If you are a usability professional, product manager, business analyst, UI designer, information architect, interaction designer, project manager or anyone else involved in the definition process of software applications, this community is for you and will be worth your time.

      Professionals approach application definition from many different angles and this community will "catalyze" or gather strength from all points of view to heighten the importance of this space. The challenges, issues and topics are similar across all of these professional functions, and Catalyze is the first community to bridge these diverse disciplines.

      Catalyze is a place to share, learn, find resources, offer opinions, get involved and make connections.  The future direction of Catalyze will be driven by a group of community leaders who are experts in their fields and are committed to making Catalyze "the top destination" site for application definition and design professionals.  Catalyze is also presented in association with the International Institute of Business Analysts (IIBA) and with the Usability Professionals Association (UPA).

      There is no cost to join the Catalyze community – and all members will be able to contribute content to the community via blogs, discussion forums, resource library and event calendar. Members can create extensive profiles and will be able to search and network with others who with similar interests. Catalyze also uses the latest in Web 2.0 technologies to enable the community experience. 


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