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Re: [agile-usability] Re: Introducing UX in an agile environment

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  • k c
    Hi Desiree, Sounds like exactly what I am looking for...I don t suppose I could get a preview version by chance:) Kip ... From: Desiree Sy
    Message 1 of 5 , May 3, 2007
      Hi Desiree,
      Sounds like exactly what I am looking for...I don't suppose I could get a preview version by chance:)

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      Subject: [agile-usability] Re: Introducing UX in an agile environment

      In addition to Lynn's paper (which is targeted more at developers with
      background in UX), I've written an article that describes in detail the
      that our UX team at Alias (now Autodesk) made to usability
      investigations such
      as rapid formative usability testing and contextual investigations (both
      and in-field) to make them work with the 2- to 4-week timeboxes (and
      incremental nature) of Agile.

      It's titled "Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered
      and will be published in the upcoming issue of the Journal of Usability
      which is the online journal for UPA.

      This article's intended audience is UX professionals (usability
      and interaction or UI designers) who need to conduct iterative usability
      investigations and validations to guide UI design work in an Agile

      ____________ _________ _________ _________ _________ __
      Desirée Sy
      Interaction Designer, User Experience Group
      Autodesk Canada, Inc

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      > Dmitry,
      > Lyn Miller has written some excellent papers on UX/UCD and Agile. e.g.
      > Study of Customer Input For a Successful Product
      (PDF)<http://agileproduct design.com/ useful_papers/ miller_customer_ input_\
      in_agile_projects. pdf.
      > - elizabeth
      <http://agileproduct design.com/ useful_papers/ miller_customer_ input_in_ ag\
      ile_projects. pdf
      > 5/2/07, Mark Schraad mschraad@... wrote:
      > >
      > > Dmitry,
      > >
      > > The article library at the agile alliance is a good place to start.
      > >
      > > http://www.agileall iance.org/ library
      > >
      > > I think that if you come at this from a design perspective, you
      might be
      > > disappointed. Most of the material covers processes where design
      research is
      > > non existent, and design as a discipline is minimized (at least by
      > > standards). Instead, the actual design is threaded throughout the
      > > Most all of the proponents of the agile process are developers - and
      > > decision making resides with developers in this process. I have,
      > > had some success with threading agile like attributes into a
      > >
      process. A hybrid of RUP and agile if you will. The iterative
      sprints, scrum
      > > style meetings and overall collaborative team model to name a few.
      > >
      > > There are lots of smart folks on this board that can help. And, they
      > > likely have a different take. Listen to them and decide for yourself
      > > will work in transforming your process in your culture.
      > >
      > > Mark
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > On May 1, 2007, at 7:58 PM, dmitry wrote:
      > >
      > > Hi all,
      > >
      > > I've recently started in a new role as the first user experience
      > > designer in a small company practicing an agile development process.
      > > I'm now working on an internal presentation to introduce UX
      > > within an agile context.
      > >
      > > So far, I've found a number of resources that aim to explain agile
      > >
      approaches to usability/design practitioners, but very little along
      > > the lines of explaining UX principles and practices to agile
      > > developers. Does anyone have any pointers they'd be willing to
      > >
      > > Thanks,
      > >
      > > Dmitry
      > >
      > >
      > >

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