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Job Posting: Senior Interaction Designer (Ingenuity Systems: Redwood City, CA)

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  • Kathryn
    Please do not send applications to me. Reply to jobs@ingenuity.com ... I m a long-time lurker, and I thought members of this list might be interested in
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2007
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      Please do not send applications to me. Reply to jobs@...
      I'm a long-time lurker, and I thought members of this list might be
      interested in learning about a Senior Interaction Design position for
      Ingenuity Systems, a biotech software company.

      The development teams practice agile development methods, and are
      always looking for new and better ways to incorporate design and
      usability into the agile development process. I've worked as an
      interaction designer with Ingenuity for almost 6 years. So, I know
      first-hand that the developers are very dedicated to optimizing the
      usability of their products.

      The posting is not published yet, but you can learn more about the
      company at www.ingenuity.com
      Job Description:

      Senior Interaction Designer (Ingenuity Systems: Redwood City, CA)

      Ingenuity is a group of creative, energetic and motivated people
      helping life science researchers understand core biological
      mechanisms. We deliver systems biology expertise to biologists and
      bioinformaticists through pathways analysis software, genome-scale
      computable network datasets, and knowledge management services and
      infrastructure, resulting in increased R&D productivity and faster
      drugs to market. We are passionate about our products, and dedicated
      to providing researchers with the knowledge required to make Better
      Decisions Faster™.

      As a senior member of the Ingenuity User Centered Design team, you
      will work with cross-functional product definition teams to design
      innovative, easy-to-learn, and easy-to-use desktop and web-based
      scientific applications for biotech and pharmaceutical scientists.
      With a well-designed architecture as a foundation, our agile
      development environment is highly collaborative and fast-paced. You
      will join a passionate and talented team committed to developing
      innovative solutions to enable scientists to model, analyze and
      understand complex biological systems that are foundational to human
      health and disease.

      This challenging position will require a self-starter who can
      effectively work on multiple projects simultaneously, meet aggressive
      deadlines, and who thrives in a dynamic environment. You will work
      closely with other software engineers, biologists, quality assurance
      engineers, marketers, and product managers.

      Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

      · Collaborate with diverse product definition teams to define new
      product concepts

      · Conduct user and task analyses to define user needs (user scenarios,
      persona/profile building and interpretation)

      · Develop high-level information flows and navigation systems (concept
      diagrams, flow charts, site maps, etc.)

      · Design user interaction models and detailed user interfaces such as
      screen-flow diagrams, UI components and behaviors

      · Create innovative product prototypes for usability testing and proof
      of concept purposes

      · Author detailed design specifications with screen mock-ups

      · Participate in usability tests by helping to define methodology,
      conducting walks-through, and developing reports

      · Work side-by-side with engineers to make designs a reality

      · Work with engineers and visual designers to ensure look & feel of
      given initiatives meets intended user interaction

      Education, Skills & Experience (Required)

      · 4+ years experience designing desktop applications or web-based
      applications (experience with Java/Swing implementations a plus)

      · Knowledge of the drug discovery process, or willingness to quickly learn

      · Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or higher degree in Human
      Factors or HCI, Cognitive Psychology, Product Design, or equivalent

      · Attention to detail and a good eye for aesthetics

      · Ability to quickly grasp and distill complex design challenges

      · Ability to create clear and clean prototypes in Photoshop, Visio and

      · Excellent writing and communication skills

      · Must be able to collaborate within a cross-functional environment

      · Familiarity with user-centered-design methodologies

      · Flexible and works well as part of a fast-paced interdisciplinary
      product development team

      Education, Skills & Experience (Desired)

      · Experience designing for domain-specific applications such as life
      sciences, financial applications, or data-mining

      · Experience applying the theories of Tufte and/or Shneiderman to
      complex information visualization applications

      Apply: Send your resume and a link to your portfolio to jobs@...
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