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RE: [agile-usability] Re: Measuring project success in agile

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  • Desilets, Alain
    ... style do not measure ... the development pool, ... work-styles, trying a bit ... ones, they have a ... money they are pumping ... business value than ...
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 25, 2007
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      > The companies I visit that are doing well with their agile work
      style do not measure
      > success on a single-project basis, but as a value stream over time.
      > From the sponsors viewpoint, there is a flow of money going into
      the development pool,
      > and a flow of business value coming back out. As they tweak their
      work-styles, trying a bit
      > of this a bit of that, cutting and trimming projects and starting new
      ones, they have a
      > sense of whether they are getting /adequate/ business value for the
      money they are pumping
      > into the development pool, and then whether they are getting /more/
      business value than
      > they used to.
      > Some measure this with profit/loss statements, some do it by
      intuition - in both cases
      > they definitely feel things are getting better.

      This is very interesting. It's kind of an agilisation of business

      Can you tell us more about how people do those two styles. What do you
      mean by a profit/loss statement? And how do people get to this

      > The point is, it is not that /this/ project was successful, but
      that the trimming or
      > extending of this project in tandem with shifting into or out of that
      project and deploying
      > these and those various things, seen as a flow, is being successful.
      It is fortunate that
      > the agile approach supports this sort of shifting.

      What about organisations for which software dev projects are few and far
      between? Would that approach work for them too?

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