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Job Opportunity: User Experience Engineer at DAXKO in Birmingham, AL

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  • jchandl3
    DAXKO (www.daxko.com) is looking for a User Experience Engineer. This rapidly growing company makes software for non-profit groups like YMCAs. The full job
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2007
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      DAXKO (www.daxko.com) is looking for a User Experience Engineer. This
      rapidly growing company makes software for non-profit groups like YMCAs.

      The full job listing is posted below. Feel free to email me if you
      have any questions about the position -- I currently work as a User
      Experience Engineer at DAXKO.


      Looking for innovative user experience engineers to help drive our
      software to the next level by creating usable web solutions for
      clients. Candidates should have excellent communication, research, and
      design skills, as well as the confidence to work closely with clients
      to understand their business model, goals, and strategies.

      Primary Responsibilities:

      * Lead Discovery Workshops with clients to understand their
      business models and goals and help define strategy, content, and
      features for design of their web sites
      * Analyze information and functional needs of audiences
      * Participate in consulting engagements
      * Research and analyze industry trends and competitor sites
      * Collaborate with project teams to define site architecture and
      navigation, map user flow and experience, and define high-level
      * Project documentation including, but not limited to requirements
      documents, strategic briefs, competition and market analysis,
      heuristic evaluations, wire-frames, site maps, content categorization,
      and taxonomies
      * Develop usability test plan and conduct ongoing usability
      testing and assessment
      * Act as user advocate
      * When acting as lead on a project, delegate responsibility for
      deliverables as necessary and provide feedback

      Required Skills/Experiences:

      * Bachelor's degree in human factors, HCI, information design,
      industrial design or related area
      * Strong knowledge of site design and usability principles,
      issues, and techniques
      * Previous experience designing complex web sites
      * Ability to analyze customer needs and define strategies for
      meeting them
      * Ability to organize large bodies of information
      * Proficiency with VISIO and MS Office suite
      * Familiarity with database design
      * Experience with usability test design and implementation preferred
      * Ability to work with design team in a collaborative, dynamic
      * Professional customer-relation skills and commitment to customer
      * Excellent written communication and presentation skills
      * Strong client education skills
      * Team-building skills
      * Minimum 1-2 years directly related information design and
      strategy experience

      Email: jchandler@...
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