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Web Survey: Executable Acceptance Testing/Story Testing

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  • chengyao deng
    Hi everybody: We are sorry that we have already sent the same email to this user group. That email arrived just before Christmas when
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 11, 2007
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      Hi everybody:

      We are sorry that we have already sent the same email to this user group. That email arrived just before Christmas when everybody was busy and might not have enough time to go to our website. Now we are expecting more people to participate in our study, so we send this email again. If you have already participated, please just miss this email. Thank you very much for those people who have already answered our questionnaire.

      Recently, the agile community propagates the use of automated acceptance tests to drive software development. This approach is called executable

      acceptance test driven development or story test driven development. It promotes to write business facing automated tests when the team starts working on a story.


      My supervisor Dr. Frank Maurer and I are investigating the usefulness of acceptance test driven development. At the moment, we are conducting the first step of the study: gathering information of how acceptance test driven development is being used in industry. We are sending this email for inviting you to participate in our study.


      The participation of this study is voluntary. If you volunteer as a participant, please fill out our on-line questionnaire at:



      Filling out the questionnaire should take you only about 5-10 minutes.


      No personal information will be gathered. There will not be any follow-up and there are no known or anticipated risks involved. The University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board has approved this research study.


      The result of the study will be available publicly at our web library (http://ebe.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/ebe/Wiki.jsp?page=.Publications).


      If you have any question, please feel free to contact:


      Mr. Chengyao Deng, Department of Computer Science, Telephone: 210-9540,

      email: cdeng@...




      Dr. Frank Maurer, Department of Computer Science, Telephone: 220-3531,

      email: maurer@....


      If you have any concerns about the way you’ve been treated as a participant, please contact Bonnie Scherrer, Ethics Resource Officer, Research Services, University of Calgary at (403) 220-3782; e-mail bonnie.scherrer@....


      If you receive several copies of this email, it means you have joint several agile user groups, which also means you are active on Agile Method!


      Thank you very much and your help is really appreciated!




      Chengyao Deng

      Master Student of University of Calgary

      ICT 524

      Department of Computer Science

      2500 University Drive NW

      Calgary, AB , Canada

      T2N 1N4

      (403) 210-9540

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