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RE: [agile-usability] Help needed - defining software development process - longish

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  • Peter Boersma
    ... In that case I encourage you to read an article I wrote for the ASIS&T Bulletin in 2005: StUX - integrating IA deliverables in a software development
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 9, 2006
      Esther wrote:
      > I expect that our process will have as many elements from agile as
      > possible(and maybe rational unified process - RUP) massaged a bit
      > here and there.

      In that case I encourage you to read an article I wrote for the ASIS&T Bulletin in 2005:
      "StUX - integrating IA deliverables in a software development methodology"
      http://www.asis.org/Bulletin/Feb-05/boersma.html (site is down at the moment of writing, see below for alternative)

      It deals with how, at a previous employer, I helped introduce user centered design activities into a RUP-based software development process. Both were documented but, compared to some RUP implementations, pretty light-weight.
      (the material was also presented at the 2005 IA Summit. The presentation can be found here:
      http://www.peterboersma.com/blog/2005/03/my-ia-summit-presentation-stux_10.html )

      > 1. Has anyone used card sorting to define a business process? If so,
      > was it helpful?

      No, but I can recommend a group session where each stakeholder places cards/post-it notes on a large surface. Sorting them in order and discussing their definitions, placement, input and output should get you a good first look at a potential process.

      > 2. If we could only include one thing from the usability world in
      > our as agile as possible process, what should it be?

      The mantra "research, design, evaluate". Implementation is important but design, founded on good research and evaluated with users in mind (personas help, real people are also good) is crucial to arrive at a well thought-through product that can be the basis for a long and happy product life-cycle.

      And I second Jeff's(?) suggestion about getting a coach. I have now helped 4 companies develop their processes and I notice I am getting better at guiding the rest of the organization into the flow. Expect obstruction, rejection, conservatism. But stay enthusiastic, because it is worth it in the end!

      Peter Boersma | Senior Experience Designer | Info.nl
      http://www.peterboersma.com/blog | http://www.info.nl
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