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Oopsla tutorials relevant to this group

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  • Jeff Patton
    All: I was about to plug the couple tutorials I m teaching at OOPSLA next month - but: There s a lot of other tutorials that might be interesting to you if
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 14, 2006



      I was about to plug the couple tutorials I’m teaching at OOPSLA next month – but: There’s a lot of other tutorials that might be interesting to you if you’re involved in the Agile stuff, and you have some interest in how UCD people fit in, how Agile development works in general, and how the customer role works specifically – since that’s often where user centered designers or interaction designer fit in.  So, I’ve decided to plug OOPSLA generally.   [http://www.oopsla.org/2006/]  Oh – and the early registration discount ends tomorrow!


      A note to those with something to plug: if there is a tutorial or event relevant to this community, please feel free to post something here about it.  Often word of mouth [or word of electronic print as the case may be] is the only way I learn about good training/learning opportunities.


      Spinning through the list of tutorials at Oopsla, it seems these are relevant to this community:


      T08: Ajax : Introduction and Architecture


      If you’re designing software that uses a browser as a presentation client, you’ve got to know something about Ajax .  This seems like a good nuts and bolts introduction.


      T15: Programmers are from Mars, Customers are from Venus: A Practical Guide to Working with Customers on XP Projects


      I know these presenters, and if you’re in an Agile customer role, this really is a critical tutorial.  The information presented here is not specific to XP or scrum, and is based on years of research of many Agile teams.


      T20: Making your Methodology Crystal Clear and More


      Hearing Alistair’s description of his Crystal methodologies will teach you a lot about how Agile methodologies are built generally.


      T26: Rapidly Designing and Testing Great User Interfaces


      OK – this is mine to plug.  I’ve stolen the best of Constantine ’s abstract prototyping, merged it with Snyder’s paper prototyping and usability testing, and wrapped it in an Agile collaborative package.  If you’re in an Agile customer role, these are valuable techniques to learn and add to your tool belt.  This should demystify UI development for those who consider it mysterious.


      T29: Writing Effective Use Cases for Projects Agile and Otherwise


      Ok, use cases have an important place in development, and since I know Alistair, I can testify that he’ll be the first person to say that the approach is often abused more than effectively used.  Use cases done well can be pretty light weight.


      T34: Domain-Driven Design: Putting the Model to Work


      I see Domain Driven Development as a very important step forward made by the design and development community.  It represents thinking around and a specific approach for bringing the developers implementation model much closer to the users mental model of their domain.


      T37: Write Your Own User Guide


      Form the description: "..high-quality user documentation contributes to software usability the way a door contributes to a house. "  I like houses with doors.


      T42: Incremental Releases Users and Stakeholders Will Love: How to Deliver Functionally Complete Valuable Incremental Releases


      This is mine too.  Of all the Agile tenets I think people struggle with I believe how to plan incremental releases and how to iteratively develop them is one of the biggest.  I see many projects go off the rails because they don’t understand the basics of building useful incremental releases.


      T45: Storytelling with FIT


      FIT is an acceptance testing framework that allows those in the customer role to describe customer requirements.  Recently fit has moved even closer to something that allows me to clearly describe user interactions.


      T55: Agility, for Managers, Programmers, and All


      This is a good dip in Agile development for those in all roles.


      I’ve just now looked through the tutorials.  There are always lots of useful workshops, panel discussions and such.  This is one of my favorite conferences – but then I’m sort of a geek.


      Thanks all for tolerating the long advertisement.




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