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ANN: XP Day Montreal - September 23, 2006.

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  • nkhanna_01
    Hello Everyone, Diaspar Software, ProjectSuccess, GreenPepper™ and Pyxis are proud to present our 3rd installment of the XP Day North America series, XP Day
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 8, 2006
      Hello Everyone,

      Diaspar Software, ProjectSuccess, GreenPepper™ and Pyxis are proud to
      present our 3rd installment of the XP Day North America series, XP Day
      Montreal 2006. XP Day is a one-day extreme programming conference to
      be held in Montreal, Quebec September 23, 2006. For more information
      see below, but for those who prefer browsing a website instead of
      reading plain text, visit: www[dot]xpday[dot]info.

      If you are looking for an opportunity to learn more about Extreme
      Programming without having to spend an entire week at a large
      international XP conference, XP Day Montreal fits the bill. XP Day is
      a one-day event with activities for anyone interested in Extreme
      Programming, whether you're:

      * An executive wondering how to improve your software development
      team's ROI.
      * A manager looking for ways to increase your team's effectiveness.
      * A skeptic, hoping to challenge some of the most experienced and
      outspoken XP practitioners.
      * A programmer itching to experience a real XP project room.
      * An experienced practitioner, hoping to exchange ideas or experiences
      with other practitioners.

      For those of you who missed out on Agile 2006, this would be an
      excellent opportunity to meet, attend tutorial sessions and even work
      with some of the XP community's most notable practitioners, for a
      fraction of the cost.

      XP Day events are interactive!
      - Tutorials
      We are fortunate to have respected leaders of the XP community
      providing world-class instruction and discussion on the fundamentals
      of XP.

      * Laurent Bossavit, keynote and recipient of the 2006 Gordon Pask
      award for contributions to the agile community. Laurent's keynote
      address is entitled "They do things differently there" wherein we will
      speak of cultural gaps, ways to bridge them, and why that is relevant
      to the software industry.

      * Michael Feathers will also provide a tutorial entitled "API design
      as if testing mattered" to show how API design can be adapted to make
      software more testable."

      * J.B. Rainsberger, recipient of the 2005 Gordon Pask Award, will
      provide an "Introduction to XP" tutorial.

      - Open Space
      You can collaborate intensively with both local and invited advanced
      practitioners on issues that challenge you most. If the tutorials
      don't cover it, you can work through your burning questions in Open Space.

      - Panel Discussion
      We are pleased to offer a panel discussion entitled "Your customer is
      more important than you think". Laurent, Michael, JB, Francois
      Beauregard and Dave Rooney will discuss why an involved customer is
      critical to the success of your software projects.

      - Project Room
      If you're looking to dive in and immerse yourself in XP, join the XP
      Project Room, where you'll have the opportunity to work on project
      with respected experts. Not sure what's going on? No problem! Join the
      project any time and someone will bring you up to speed quickly, just
      like on a real XP project!

      - Cost
      XP Day is only $249 CND + GST (7%). Our conference cost includes a
      morning breakfast and a hot Indian buffet for lunch. For those with
      more domestic appetites, sandwiches will also be on hand. Coffee &
      Soft Drinks will also be available throughout the day.

      If you're looking for more information or would like to register,
      visit our website: xpday[dot]info

      If you have any questions with regards to this event, please don't
      hesitate to contact me at the email address listed above.
      Hope to see you all there!

      Niraj Khanna
      XP Day Montreal.

      P.S. To the moderator of this group, please support XP Day by allowing
      2-3 additional posts on this group. Thank you.
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