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RE: [agile-usability] Tools for photo-realistic wireframe prototyping

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  • Miinalainen, Petteri
    Well, first i call only simple wireframes as wireframes... Photorealistic stuff is usually called hifi prototype (if it s clickable) or visualized storyboard
    Message 1 of 15 , Sep 4, 2006
      Well, first i call only simple wireframes as wireframes... Photorealistic stuff is usually called hifi prototype (if it's clickable) or visualized storyboard or scenario if it's only a sequence of photorealistic screenshots without any functionality.
      I usually only produce one or two photorealistic screens to show the visual appearance and produce lofi wireframe of the rest.
      Only when the visual appearance and overall structure of screens and associated screen flows have been fixed, we produce the rest of screens usually with html or IDE GUI tools.
      So, to try to answer your question.
      1. for photorealistic screens: either photoshop or fireworks is used to create photorealistic screen pictures
      2. for wireframes: visio, pen & paper, powerpoint, freehand, whiteboard and digicam etc etc.
      3. based on those, a basic set of screens is produced in html or with development environments gui tools ( screen types, templates). In some cases a formal documentation is created to describe the various screen types. This is kinda slow and can not usually be considered as very agile, but it sure does bring some accuracy...
      For web development, dreamweaver and well-designed css is often fastest way to create photorealistic screens after the initial creation. They have the added benefit of being reusable as basis for final applications ui code.
      4. developers usually finish the rest of the required screens based on the screen types (list, search, drill-down,...) in collaboration with ui designer
      Lately i've been wondering about using axure rp pro for creating simultaneously wireframe, prototype and user interface specification.
      check it out www.axure.com
      other tools worth checking out
      MockupScreens at http://mockupscreens.com/
      tools for creating wireframes
      tools for creating annotated prototypes and specifications on top of pictures. Pictures can be digital shots of whiteboard doodles or sophisticated and elaborate screen images made with photoshop et al. You just create the annotation overlay with this application.

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      I need to produce a photo-realistic wireframe prototype.

      What tools do you use to produce those?



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