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[ANN] A Matter of Degree

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  • Jon Kern
    In this vein (and even the discussion about Tools for photo-realistic wireframe prototyping I have a post:
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2006
      In this vein (and even the discussion about "Tools for photo-realistic wireframe prototyping" I have a post:

      -- jon

      William Pietri said the following on 9/1/2006 11:02 AM:

      meganole25 wrote:
      > What these things do accomplish is giving
      > developers the false belief that they know how to create something
      > before they've even started.

      Wow, that's a great statement.

      One of my clients got into agile methods gradually, with a large backlog
      of product specifications. The specifications were nice as
      specifications go, but I think they caused some trouble on the project.

      Because they had all of these documents, they didn't feel any real need
      for external feedback, so they went for perhaps a year before showing it
      to anybody but the product owner (who was very involved in creating the
      specs in the first place). It was only after they ran off the edge of
      their map that they got around to getting real users.

      Of course, we all know they should have done user testing as they went.
      But because of the specs, they didn't feel any pain from not doing it.
      Now they release their app every 1-3 weeks, and have hired, part time,
      several users to get detailed feedback and more vigorous use. Everybody
      is much happier now that users are more involved. But I wish they had
      done it sooner, and I can't help thinking that they would have had they
      not had all those plans around.


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