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UI11 Conference - discount

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  • Jeff Patton
    [All - please excuse the event promotion - and self promotion for that matter, but it s on topic.] Jared Spool s UI11 conference is Cambridge, MA October 9-11
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2006
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      [All – please excuse the event promotion – and self promotion for that matter, but it’s on topic.]


      Jared Spool’s UI11 conference is Cambridge , MA October 9-11 this year.  If you haven’t attended one of Spool’s UI conferences, it’s probably time you did – if only to hear Jared speak.  http://www.uie.com/events/uiconf/2006/


      I’m lucky enough to be one of the speakers this year.  I get to send UI people through an Agile boot camp: after giving them the basics of Agile development, I’ll drop them in head first to work in an iterative development, incremental release agile environment.  Stand-up meetings, short iterative development [of paper prototypes], reflection sessions, all the basics.  The goal is to give Ux people enough Agile context along with some strategies to help them be more productive in an Agile environment.  I also find. from having taught variations of this thing before, that many experienced Ux people forget how easy and beneficial basic techniques like paper prototype testing are.


      Oh, there’s lots of other good speakers and session too.  ;-)  


      If you do consider going you can get $30 off each day, and an iPod nano if you sign up for all 4 days.  But, you’ll need to use a promotion code: patton [yes that’s my last name]  And, I should have dropped this in earlier, but the early registration discount [sadly] ends today.  So, if you can justify an impulse purchase, do so now.  The discount using the promotion code will continue up till the conference.


      Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the content quality of these conferences is pretty high.  Jared & Christine of UIE ride the speakers pretty hard to produce high quality handout material.  My first exposure to Spool’s UI conferences, years ago now, was a colleague attending the conference and talking about it for months afterward.  I still carry around with me photocopies of handouts she’d received from the conference.  [I’m not sure if that was legal… so don’t tell]  They described and gave examples of techniques I wanted to use.  Even though I didn’t attend, I could see it was very much worth the time and money.


      Thanks – and please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.




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