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Truly International Certification For Testers !

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    Dear Friends, ISTQB Certified Tester is first truly international certification examination. This examination/certification comes from International Software
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      Dear Friends,

      ISTQB Certified Tester is first truly international certification
      examination. This examination/certification comes from International
      Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB http://www.istqb.org),
      a non-profit organization you will be aware that in today's world,
      where competition is a fact of life and the need for a work force
      knowledgeable in principles and practices is a central concern for
      many companies, ISTQB certification is a mark of excellence .

      Indian Testing Board (http://www.indiantestingboard.com or
      http://india.istqb.org), the ISTQB approved national board for
      India .

      The International Software Testing Qualification Board (ISTQB) is an
      internationally recognized certification body that aims at
      certifying IT-professionals. An ISTQB certificate means market
      recognition, a standard for certain skills in many areas

      ISTQB qualifications are carefully tailored to meet the needs of all
      stages in their careers. Qualifications are designed to be both
      accessible and relevant. They cover all major areas including
      Management, Development, Testing, Service Delivery and Quality

      ISTQB test certification scheme three levels are distinguished:

      The Foundation certificate is aimed at testers (both system- and
      acceptance testers), test consultants, test managers, quality
      managers and developers, and anyone else interested in structured
      testing. The Foundation certificate shows that the person
      understands the principles and basic elements of structured testing.
      Regarding this level a large number of training courses are
      available, including formal examination.

      The Advance certificate is aimed at experienced test professionals.
      This certificate shows that the person has detailed knowledge
      regarding testing and skills to apply this knowledge in practice.
      The requirements for this level are available through the detailed
      syllabus. Also regarding this level training and the formal exams
      are available.

      The Expert Level is aimed at very experienced test professionals:
      the specialist in the areas of test design techniques, test tools
      and test management. The expert level will be awarded to person that
      have highly detailed knowledge regarding structured testing and much
      practical experience.

      The objectives of the ISTQB qualifications in Software Testing are:

      · To gain recognition for testing as an
      essential and professional software engineering specialisation by

      · To enable professionally qualified testers to
      be recognised by employers, customers and peers, and raise the
      profile of testers.

      · To promote consistent and good testing
      practice within all software engineering disciplines.

      · To enable software suppliers to hire certified
      testers and thereby gain commercial advantage over their competitors
      by advertising their tester recruitment policy.

      · To provide an opportunity for testers or those
      with an interest in testing to acquire an industry recognised
      qualification in the subject.

      Truly international nature of the certification: This certificate is
      recognized in multiple countries in multiple continents. Hardly any
      other certification has adoption in as many countries as this one.
      Please see http://www.istqb.org/members.php

      Its Time Again! Indian Testing Board is going to conduct the ISTQB
      Certified Tester Foundation and Advance Level exam on:

      Hyderabad: 25th June, 5th August

      Delhi: 11th June, 5th August

      Pune - Mumbai: 25th June, 5th August

      Chennai: 17th June, 6th August

      Bangalore: 18th June, 5th August

      Madurai: 18th June, 24th September

      Nagpur: 25th June, 17th September

      Kolkata: 25th June, 17th September

      Trivendarum: 18th June, 6th August

      Please make sure that you regist er yourself before one week of
      exam date.

      Please visit India.istqb.org for all the details such as, FAQ,
      Syllabus, Pattern of the exam, Enrollment Procedure etc.If you have
      any queries please feel free to contact Vinay@...
      or on cell no.09312930567


      Megha Gupta

      Indian Testing Board,
      A-108/B, Sector-58,
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