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RE: [agile-usability] Agile Usability at CHI2006

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  • Aviva Rosenstein
    One more CHI 2006 presentation that is related to Agile development and design, though you d never know it from the advance program: On Tuesday between 11:30
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 19, 2006
      One more CHI 2006 presentation that is related to Agile development and
      design, though you'd never know it from the advance program:

      On Tuesday between 11:30 and 1, I'm presenting on a panel called "Putting
      Personas to Work", featuring practioners from both corporate and agency
      settings. Though it's not specified in the program, my presentation on the
      panel will be about how the Yahoo Photos team used design personas
      effectively to address problems specifically related to our adoption of an
      Agile development process.

      Most of the teams I've been working with at Yahoo (both in the
      Communications unit and the Yahoo Media Group) have now adopted a more Agile
      approach, and we've successfully and appropriately integrated design
      research activities into the Yahoo Agile development process.

      I'd love to meet up with folks at CHI again this year; feel free to leave me
      a message at the Yahoo exhibition booth during the conference.


      Aviva Rosenstein, PhD
      Manager, Design Research
      Yahoo! Media Group
      Yahoo! Inc.
      2450 Broadway, 6th Floor
      Santa Monica, CA 90404
      Direct line: (310) 907-2797

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      I'm new to the list and wanted to check whether plans had been made for
      meeting up at CHI? I know there was some discussion of this a while back,
      but I didn't see any closure ...

      Also, you may be interested in a user experience report I'm presenting on
      Monday morning. Its a discussion of the use of Instant Messaging to provide
      a dialog between the moderator and the observation room/team members during
      usability testing. I see it as a useful collaboration technique to empower
      the product team, and promote rapid iteration on usability data through
      improved attendance behind the one way mirror (-;

      Monday Mid-morning 11:30-12:00
      Usability Evaluations: Challenges and Solutions No IM Please, We’re Testing
      Richard P. Boardman, Google, USA

      The report includes a survey of moderators (who in general were wary of
      possible disruption) and observers (who were highly positive). I present
      some guidelines to try and achieve a balance between these 2 perspectives.
      At the time of writing I actually wasn't aware of the agile-usability field,
      but now I think its quite relevant ...
      Comments/thoughts/critiques appreciated. If you're interested you can
      download a draft here:

      Finally, I've just been searching the program and found at least 6
      presentations directly related to Agile Usability. Here they are, FYI (did I
      miss any?)

      1. Tuesday 430pm, PANEL ROOM 517C, Agile Development: Opportunity or Fad?

      2. Doctoral Consortium (poster) 009 Embracing Agile Development of Usable
      Software Systems Jason Chong Lee, Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State,
      University, USA

      3. Poster 155 The Role of The Interaction Designer in an Agile Software
      Development Process Matthew A. Lievesley, Joyce S. R. Yee, Northumbria
      University, UK

      4. Poster 185 An Interactive Speech Interface for Summarizing Agile Project
      Planning Meetings Shelly Park, Jörg Denzinger, Frank Maurer, Ehud Sharlin,
      University of Calgary, Canada

      5. COURSE 14 ROOM 513AB Usability and Product Development: A Usability
      Course for Management, Tuesday 9:00 – 18:00

      6. COURSE 25 ROOM 514ABC How to Collect Field Data and Produce a Tested
      Design in 1– 8 Weeks, Thursday 11:30 – 13:00

      Look forward to meeting up in Montreal,


      Rick Boardman -- User Experience Researcher rickb@... -- +1 (650)

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