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RE: [agile-usability] Re: user scenario writing - good references?

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  • Joshua Seiden
    I like this Frederik. This reads very much like the natural dialog you hear when a design team uses personas as actors within a scenario. A couple of points:
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      I like this Frederik. This reads very much like the natural dialog you hear when a design team uses personas as actors within a scenario.
      A couple of points:
      First, Larry asked how a designer would use this. For me the evocations provide instant feedback about the goals, and instant direction about how to service them. For example, it seems obvious that something is wrong with the goal/task "calculate price" based on the evocation, "Ouch. This is going to take a while." This negative reaction tells me that there's a mismatch between the goal/task as modeled and the persona's goal.
      Where's the mismatch? That's where you turn to the goals you've defined for the persona, but perhaps this goal "calculate price" matches neither the (hypothetical) experience goal "I want this to be quick and painless" nor the (hypothetical) end goal--"Insure car". Instead, it's a machine-feeding activity that the persona would avoid if he/she could. Of course, it may not be possible to avoid this task, but at least we now have an awareness that avoiding this step or making it shorter will provide a better experience.
      Seond, I'm glad you represented the "evocations" as belonging to a persona. I think it would be important to always use them that way. The evocations themselves feel very granular, which makes them suspect unless they can be shown to be part of a pattern. It's the persona that represents the pattern (of goals, behavior, needs, feelings, etc.)
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      Goal level
      Example of a user's goal or task
      Persona no. 1's evocation
      Persona no. 2's evocation
      Cloud (very high summary)
      Safeguard family and protect property
      Passing the scene of an accident, he wonders how well her car would have protected him and the kids. ("Is this car safe enough?")
      She turns off the tv and looks out the window at the dark street. A car alarm is blaring. ("Wait, is that from my car?")
      Kite (Summary)
      Insure car
      Googling different models. ("So do I get some sort of reward for choosing a safe car when I insure it?")
      Rading crime stats for her area. ("Should I get better insurance? What good car is seldom stolen?")
      Sea (User-goal) 
      Calculate price
      The kids are finally in bed. Starts calculating. ("Ouch. This is going to take a while".)
      Considering the price and her budget. ("Why am I getting this price? Is it because I live downtown?")
      Fish (subfunction)
      Specify make & model
      ("Manufacturer: BMW… OK. Model: agh, why is this list so long?") "Yeah, I'll be there in a moment!"
      Calculating several options. ("Come on, just show me what this one will cost compared to that one")
      Clam (Too low)
      Use tab-button to navigate form
      Hangs up an interrupting phone call. ("Let's see, that's a 2006 model. Hey, where'd the cursor go?")
      At the end of the form, ready to calculate. ("Did I fill in everything?")

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