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Learn the Waterfall Unified Process from Jon Kern

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  • Jon Kern
    April 1, 2006 Full article here The crux of the WUP methodology lies in being able to get into the Waterfall Hyper Iteration Funk or WHIF for short. Not at
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      April 1, 2006
      Full article here

      The crux of the WUP methodology lies in being able to get into the "Waterfall Hyper Iteration Funk" or WHIF for short. Not at all like "Object Think," WHIF is much, much easier to grasp and to realize in full. While snobby people with beards and pipes wax philosophical about Objects, Inheritance, Encapsulation, UNIX, penguins, and what not, the WHIF philosophy permits only one single program unit (well, sometimes two if there is a user interface like a printer). In the WHIF world, stuff just runs downhill. It is so easy you can think of it like falling off of a cliff - once you do it, you never forget. Just ask your fellow lemmings.


      As a little preview of the session I will present at the conference, let's try a little WHIF mind exercise...

      First off, picture being at this session lying on your yoga mat, shoes and socks off, under armour on, next to the BA and DBA and word template curator. I have the patchoulli and sandalwood incense burning already. The lights dim and the slow music starts. It's a duet with Celine Dion and Barry Manilow (and occasionally ABBA) - your favorite mix of late 70's soft crock and Gregorian chants (with Julian conversions). The WUP Swami (like a scrum master but with more zen) starts everyone off:

      Now, imagine you are a waterfall droplet. You look over your shoulder, what do you see?
      An upstream droplet.

      Good. You are getting it! Now, get back into that place where you are that droplet again.

      Look forward and tell me...what do you see? Another droplet?

      Excellent! We will go into more detail in our session and you should be able to earn enough credits to gain a CMMj Level 6 (Crazily Mangled Modeling judo) certificate and the free bar of hotel soap that comes with the certificate.
      Full article here

      -- jon
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