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seeking agile-usability/ucd professionals

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  • Jeff Patton
    A while back - a long while back now - I posted something saying my company, ThoughtWorks, was looking for UCD-types. Well, for a variety of reasons, things
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2006
      A while back - a long while back now - I posted something saying my
      company, ThoughtWorks, was looking for UCD-types. Well, for a
      variety of reasons, things didn't quite come together at that time.

      Since then, business has increased and the absence of user centered
      designers on agile projects has been noticed. If you've got a
      UCD/usability background, and are interested in this agile stuff,
      ThoughtWorks needs you.

      I will warn you the work can be a bit tough, and the travel isn't
      always fun. But, I personally have never worked with a smarter group
      of people or liked the place I was working more.

      Below you'll find the job posting from ThoughtWorks. Feel free to
      contact me for information... but those of you who contacted me
      before know that if you really want to go somewhere with this,
      contact ThoughtWorks directly. ;-) That said I'm happy to answer
      questions about the company and the work.




      ThoughtWorks is currently hiring UI/Usability Experts

      Are you interested in user-centered design, challenging projects and
      working on complex, interesting software development projects with
      exceptional co-workers? If you are frustrated by working on
      unrewarding projects using traditional heavyweight methodologies,
      joining ThoughtWorks will be a liberating experience.

      ThoughtWorks is a privately held, rapidly-growing global application
      development and professional services firm specializing in delivering
      technically complex, critical custom software projects.

      We're looking for talented Usability/User Interface Experts to work
      on enterprise-level, custom built projects with high-profile clients
      across a range of industries. As a consultancy our projects are based
      across the US and require a significant amount of travel. Candidates
      should be open to spending Monday through Friday working at a client
      site with the rest of their project team and returning home for

      To fill this position, you will most likely have the following:

      • 3+ years of experience with user-centered design, interaction
      design, and user interface design within a commercial environment
      • Usability knowledge
      • A strong background in graphic design and UI design
      • Experience designing large-scale online applications
      • Experience with prototyping skills including Visio, story boarding
      and HTML mock-ups
      • Additional experience as a Project Manager or Business Analyst
      • Understanding of consulting environments
      • Strong client-facing skills
      Because we use agile methodologies, this position will give you the
      chance to see your work translate quickly into tangible results with
      a satisfied customer at the end.

      Interested? Please submit your resume through our online application
      at www.thoughtworks.com or e-mail your resumes to
      work@... .

      To learn more about ThoughtWorks and our locations, visit our
      websites at thoughtworks.com , martinfowler.com and

      ThoughtWorks is proud to be an equal opportunity employer and does
      not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, age, religion,
      disability or sexuality.

      ThoughtWorks will also apply for Greencards and H1-B transfers for
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