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JOB: Interaction Designer at Alias (Toronto, ON, Canada)

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  • Lynn Miller
    Interaction Designer, User Experience Team (Full time) Alias -- Toronto, Canada ... Design award-winning 3D graphics software (such as Maya, Alias SketchBook
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 6, 2006
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      Interaction Designer, User Experience Team (Full time)
      Alias -- Toronto, Canada

      Design award-winning 3D graphics software (such as Maya, Alias
      SketchBook Pro, and Alias ImageStudio) for creative professionals who
      work in film, video games, and industrial design. Apply user-centered
      design methods at all stages of the development process to ensure that
      our products meet user needs.

      You will:
      - Participate in planning new products and releases.
      - Investigate user requirements.
      - Design software user interfaces.
      - Plan and conduct usability studies of prototypes and development code.
      - Identify, prioritize, and resolve usability issues.
      - Communicate investigation results and designs to other team members.

      - Knowledge of human factors engineering, experimental design and
      behavioral sciences.
      - Experience in user-centered design of software applications (including
      user and task analysis, contextual inquiry, interviewing, survey design,
      heuristic evaluation, and low-fidelity prototyping).
      - Experience in planning, conducting and reporting usability tests and
      site visits.
      - A demonstrated ability to analyze research findings to create user
      requirements and scenarios that will guide product development.
      - A demonstrated ability to communicate design interaction clearly and
      - Excellent oral and written communication skills, including the ability
      to present to a group.
      - Ability to interact with end-users and development team members.
      - Understanding of the software development life cycle (process of
      specification, design, and implementation) and engineering concerns that
      arise in designing and building interfaces.

      UX AT ALIAS:
      - Alias was ranked by Maclean’s Magazine as one of Canada’s Top 100
      Employers for the last 3 years. Our employees are people who value
      creativity, collaboration, and excellence. Our downtown Toronto office
      is a loft-style building that was designed for Alias.
      - The UX team is established and has full backing from our company.
      - The complex, interactive graphical UIs we've made include 3D tools and
      - Team members have published and presented at ACM SIGGRAPH, ACM SIGCHI,
      UPA, and Agile 2005.
      - Team members have created intellectual property in the form of several

      More information can be found in this pdf: www.alias.com/uxrecruitment

      Interested applicants should reply to: lmiller@...

      Lynn Miller
      Director of User Interface Development
      User Experience Team
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