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RE: [agile-usability] Learning a new UI

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  • Jade Ohlhauser
    I enjoyed that one, thanks Jared Jade Ohlhauser Product Manager RPM Software www.rpmsoftware.com 403-265-6727 x704
    Message 1 of 17 , Dec 12, 2005
      I enjoyed that one, thanks Jared
      Jade Ohlhauser
      Product Manager
      RPM Software                                 
      www.rpmsoftware.com 403-265-6727 x704

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      Sorry I'm chiming in late on this. It's been a long week and I'm just
      catching up on messages now.

      At 11:43 AM 12/3/2005, Jon Meads wrote:
      >A good quote I once heard was that "The only thing that is
      intuitive is a
      >mother's nipple, everything else is

      Actually, a sucking on mother's nipple is "innate", not "intuitive."

      >When someone talks about an intuitive UI, they are
      talking about a UI that
      >matches the user's previous expereinces so well
      that it is easily and
      >quickly recognizable in terms of affordance and
      navigation. And,
      >understanding what they would be means understanding
      the users very well
      >-- which means taking the time to identify who the
      users are and study them.

      I wrote an article about this. You can find it here:

      Hope this helps,


      Jared M. Spool, Founding Principal, User Interface Engineering
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