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RE: [agile-usability] Flash UIs

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  • Jade Ohlhauser
    Henry on the page you link to you say All web based enterprise applications are failed in terms of usability . That s a somewhat brash statement, care to
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      Henry on the page you link to you say "All web based enterprise applications are failed in terms of usability". That's a somewhat brash statement, care to elaborate?
      Now that we have Avaya as a customer, I can say I'm in charge of usability for a "web based enterprise application" so this is a topic that I have some vested interest in.
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      Browser is not for everything, especially for the enterprise application (except CMS),  
      Check the emerging smart client alternatives like Eclipse RCP, Mozilla XUL, Microsoft SmartClient

      I prefer Eclipse RCP, you can find my reasons "Why Eclipse RCP is going to rule the world" ( http://www.lakesidelab.com/henry/105.asp )


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      There is a company inBrazil called Vidatis who has written an application for the Brazilian hospital system that uses Flash extensively.  They presented at JavaOne this year.  They had an issue with needing to use existing, low powered, clients, but needed to have a rich user experience.  The application looked nice and seemed very responsive during their presentation, running on a small laptop as the server.


      I have the contact information for their Director of Technology, with whom I have had a couple of email conversations.  I can contact her and see if I can get permission to post her email if you are interested in asking them questions.





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      While talking with a collegue recently, we were bemoaning the lack of browser development over the past few years. It occured to me that Macromedia's Flash supports a much richer user experience than traditional HTML, but there doesn't seem to be many applications built using Flash.


      Does anyone have experience building a web-based application using Flash? I wonder what kind of problems this posed over traditional HTML/JavaScript solutions. Any stories from the trenches?


      - Rob



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