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anyone in the UK June 18th interested in an agile user experience tutorial?

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  • Jeff Patton
    [Please excuse this self promotion - but at least it s on topic] I ll be at XP2005 starting June 18th and have a tutorial on doing user experience work in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 8, 2005
      [Please excuse this self promotion - but at least it's on topic]

      I'll be at XP2005 starting June 18th and have a tutorial on doing user
      experience work in agile environments. It's a half day, bright and early
      Saturday morning. What better way to spend your Saturday? ;-)

      For more information check here: http://www.xp2005.org/tutorials Look at

      If you're considering attending, please contact me off list as soon as
      possible. I print the handouts [which at 60 pages are sort of hefty] so I
      need a count of how many to bring.

      Being candid, attendance is low for this conference. [UPA & Agile2005 are
      looking much better.] I'd like to get these numbers up. I won't rule out
      that the smart people on England and the rest of Europe have this stuff
      figured out - and it's just the Americans who need a bit of guidance.
      Possibly I can attribute low attendance to that.

      Finally, we do have pretty good attendance already for the agile usability
      workshop being held this year at UPA in Quebec - but we could always use
      more. The workshop isn't me or anyone else teaching anything - rather it's
      an opportunity for usability people and agile people to get together to
      discuss common issues encountered when combining usability practices in an
      agile context. It's a full day, and useful results as well as good
      conversation should come out of it. If you're in North America and have
      time, consider attending:
      2005/program/workshops.php Look at W-1

      Also there will be a full day boot camp on user experience work in an agile
      environment at this tutorial:
      2005/program/tutorials.php Look at T-16

      Sorry for the spam everyone.


      Jeff Patton
      Agile usability discussion group:

      XP 2005 (Sheffield, UK) Agile User Experience Tutorial:

      UPA (Montreal, Quebec) Agile-UCD Tutorial:
      Agile-Usability Workshop:

      Agile 2005 (Denver, CO) Agile User Experience Tutorial, Agile Code Metrics
      Tutorial: http://www.agile2005.org/

      "There is nothing that saps one's confidence as the knowing how to do a
      --Mark Twain
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