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973Re: [agile-usability] UED and Agile

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  • daveb
    Dec 15, 2004
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      Lisa Baker and I have been working to integrate many aspects of UCD with
      an XP process for the last couple of years at our company. We make a
      shrink-wrapped product, and have a fairly short release cycle.

      We have found the personae concept to resonate fairly well with our
      developers. We do a fair amount of research (somewhat asynchronously)
      with our users to find out what they have in common. We use contextual
      inquiry to get the data and to make sure we have a firm grasp of what
      our user truly needs.
      Once we have the data in place, we can refer to it as the personae are
      created. We work diligently to make sure we present information that we
      have data concerning. The personae are then presented to the
      programmers at the start of the project, focusing on the aspects that
      help them understand.

      This has also helped our marketing team understand their role a bit
      better as customer representative and helped the contribute in a more
      meaningful way as well. Since at times we can't always get one of real
      customers to supply answers, we can always come back to our data set
      from the CI and refer to that.

      david broschinsky
      sr. interaction designer
      landesk software, inc.

      daveb at startide dot net, david dot broschinsky at landesk dot com

      Rachel Powers wrote:

      >Does anbody have any great tips, resources, stories to share on the
      >best ways to integrate User Experience Design into the Agile
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