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  • Jeff Patton
    Dec 14, 2004
      --- In agile-usability@yahoogroups.com, "Rachel Powers"
      <rachelpowers@c...> wrote:
      > Does anbody have any great tips, resources, stories to share on the
      > best ways to integrate User Experience Design into the Agile
      > process?

      If I have a "thing" this is it... but, information I have on the
      subject is still pretty incomplete. There's a section in Cockburn's
      Crystal Clear on the subject
      -1/ref=pd_ka_b_2_1/002-3899669-1706466] This paper, now a little
      dated and containing a few typos describes combining usage centered
      design and agile approaches:
      This presentation: http://ebe.cpsc.ucalgary.ca/ebe/attach?
      page=Root.CASCON2004WS%2FJeff.ppt gives slides I use for a standard
      presentation on this subject. The slides suffer without the dialogue
      behind them. But, the basic gist is I've overlaid Jesse James
      Garrett's very useful Elements of User Experience model on my agile
      development lifecycle model. The result is some guideance on the
      type of UCD stuff to be doing at particular points of the agile
      development lifecycle.
      I'm currently working on more in print. Watch this list for somee
      self serving announcements when it's available. At that time I'll be
      looking for the opinions of the very smart people subscribing to this

      Please post any specific questions you have as you come across them.
      Thanks for posting!


      > I work for a large company that is considering switching
      > from a waterfall method to Agile/SCRUM. Are there any particular
      > books or Websites that you recommend to look at. The UED group
      > consists of user researchers, interaction designers, visual
      > designers and developers. Questions that I'd like to find input on
      > include:
      > How do you integrate user research in 4 week cycles? (market
      > research, user research, interviews, ethnography, longitudinal
      > studies, usability testing)
      > When should UED be included in the overall plan? (currently UED is
      > brought in at conception)
      > What is the best way for a user-cetered development process to
      > thrive while being "whole."
      > What are the pros and cons of Agile for UED?
      > I'm sure that there are other people on this list that have gone
      > from a waterfall development cycle to Agile. Does anybody have any
      > stories or best practices to share?
      > Thanks,
      > Rachel Powers
      > UED lead
      > San Francisco, CA
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