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832RE: [agile-usability] The missing manifesto

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  • Myhill, Carl S (GE Energy)
    Nov 23, 2004
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      Perhaps there are some common principles which could be written down. Maybe the ISO standards have something which can be plucked from them http://www.usability.serco.com/trump/resources/standards.htm
      In my experience, "involve the user" is not enough, so I would not make that my number 1. I'd make No.1 - get an interaction designer on the team, to own the design. If nobody owns the design, it wont be designed coherrently. I've seen lots of situations where users were involved in a project which turned out to be junk. The involvement of users needs to be managed (with appropriate sampling), the input properly handled and designed for.
      Yes, lots of processes do seem to like early feedback with users but lots dont too. Cooper's Goal-Directed Design process does not favour much testing with prototypes, but does favour lots of up front work with users to understand their needs.
      Note though, that low-fi prototypes, on paper, are probably best respected. "Keep off the glass" is often a key statement in interaction design (though I understand there is some debate on this with the Agile community) [*].
      [* note that this is not a natural conclusion for me. My PhD was about the wonderful benefits of high fidelity prototypes in visual basic and how they can better be exploited to support design intent. I am reformed!]
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      I think the UCD world has common principles.  Number 1 is "involve the user".  Then there's ways of understanding various types of user, types of use, and getting feedback on whether its good or not. 
      most seem to like early feedback with real users through prototypes.
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