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7692Re: [agile-usability] scope of UX

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  • Ray Dahl
    Jun 12, 2014
      Here are my simple thoughts on your question.

      1. User experience should take into consideration how, where, when, and why a product is being used. UX is more that just the interface but the interface is the point of contact that interface designers are most concerned with. If a designer cant see beyond the interface they probably shouldn't call themselves a UX designer.

      2. There is often mistrust between a UXD and marketing and sales teams. Their views of the world are different (qualitative/quantitative, segment/user, satisfaction/sales). I have had more than one sales or product manager that really doesn't understand or care about the user experience but rather just getting the next release out the door or making sales goals.

      3. There is an emerging discipline referred to as CX or customer experience design. It basically takes the best ideals from UX design and applies them to marketing, sales and retail activities. The focus is on creating a consistent user experience across all customer touch points. To do this calls for a strong, centralized effort. UXDs might feel threatened that their specialty is being stolen or that marketing and sales really don't understand

      4. What does UX or CX have to do with Agile or Scrum? not much really, other than Agile being an approach to delivering a product. Design doesn't fit neatly into Agile adding a CX component will add challenges.

      One company that I have seen do a very good job with CX is REI (rei.com). The branding and presentation of product is consistent between online and retail. 

      Good luck!


      On Thu, Jun 12, 2014 at 8:23 AM, spbroi@... [agile-usability] <agile-usability@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Good day everyone
      I am not a UX person. I work with UX-ers on various projects.
      I recently became involved in a non-IT marketing project to organize a marketing group around agile, specifically a modified Scrum.
      In doing so, I began to wonder about the scope of UX.  I talked to some of the UX people among the software development teams about getting their input in terms of user experience into marketing efforts which, at least to me, are all about user experience.  They either resisted or were somewhat hostile to the idea. They seemed to have the attitude that UX was only confined to the user interfaces for computer systems.

      My question to this august body:  is UX only about computer interfaces?  Is UX just Software for Use and About Face?  Or is UX about total user experience which measures user reaction to billboards, involvement in broadcast commercials, the design of everyday things that users user, the way the process flows and the forms are handled before and after the computer system, and so forth?

      What is the scope of UX?

      Ray Dahl

      Bene vivite, saepe ridete, multum amate
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