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7685Re: [agile-usability] There is no UX, there is only UX

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  • Jeremy Kriegel
    Feb 20, 2014
      Why are you in the game? Is it create an artifact or to create value? 

      When you have people looking to create an artifact, they are more likely to be focused on the craft for craft's sake with less concern for the outcome. This happens with designers who focus only on aesthetics or developers who only want to write elegant code. 

      When you get a team of people who want to make life better for someone else, then everyone will care about UX, design, performance, and collaboration as all of those are necessary to make people better. 

      Years ago, Kathy Sierra asked an audience whether they would prefer their customers to say they have a great company or a great product? Trick question. She said you want people to say how awesome they are because of what you do.

      If you can cultivate that attitude within the team, the rest follows.


      "Be well, do good work & keep in touch."
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      On Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 12:09 PM, Fredrik Matheson <fredrik.matheson@...> wrote:

      So, two problems to tackle apparently.

      1. Many user experience designers (or any other label you care for) lack organizational skills. What are good mechanisms for teaching/transferring such skills? We need more UX'ers who perform well in organizational settings.

      2. How does one build organizational capability for great user experience? Sure, I know a few things about this but wonder if there is playbook somewhere out there.

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