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7672RE: [agile-usability] There is no UX, there is only UX

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  • Larry Constantine
    Feb 17, 2014
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      I enthusiastically underscore William’s points. These are exactly what Lucy Lockwood and I put forth in Software for Use 15 years ago and have argued for two decades. When we first started training developers in basic UX, the UX community responded very negatively. But everyone needs to be on board, because there are not enough UX specialists to go around and not enough of their time to do it all.


      I am this month teaching again at the University of Madeira with a mixed class of grad students in software engineering, computer science, HCI, and entertainment technology. Challenging but worth it.


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      She's absolutely right (in my view). It fits perfectly with my UX-as-quality perspective, a slide for which I happened to be looking at when the posting arrived, so here it is:

      * UX and usability are fundamentally facets of quality
      - No one person can be responsible: the whole team & organization has contributions to make
      - The UX role provides specialist knowledge, skills and advice to the rest of the team
      - The whole team needs to understand, or at least appreciate, the need for UX and UX activities
      - Usability evaluation alone is not enough to ensure quality (see Deming's Out of the Crisis)


      William Hudson

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